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CSS Study Plan for Islamic History and Culture

CSS Study Plan for Islamic History and Culture




A)Muslim Rulers in Spain and Their Rule

  • 2010 - Abdur Rehman al Nasir was unquestionably the ablest and most gifted of all the Umayyad sovereigns who have ruled in Spain. Discuss
  • 2010 -The battle which gave Abdur Rehman Ad dakhil the throne was fought at Masarah proved a second MARJ-RAHAT (Ameer Ali)
  • 2009 -Give an account of the conquest of Spain; who made it a stable and prosperous Muslim state?
  • 2009 -What fate did Tariq bin Ziyad and Musa bin Nusayr meet after their invasion of Spain?
  • 2008- The entrance of the new rulers like Muslims was a demand of Muslim Society at the advent of the 8th century.Comment
  • 2005-How did Abdu-al-Rehman-al-Dakhil conquer Spain? Highlight his contributions to the social welfare of the people of his country.
  • 2004-Explain the causes and events of the expansion of Muslim rule in Spain during the Umayyad period.
  • 2002-Analyze the character of Abdur-al-Rehman III as a man, administrator and as patron of art and literature.
  • 2001-Explain the reasons of the conquest of Spain at the hands of Arabs, especially mentioning the arrival of Tariq bin Ziyad in that country.
  • 2001-Examine the political and dynastical factors leading to the final collapse of the Muslim rule in Al-Andalus.
  • 2000-What kind of Muslim administration and society developed in Spain during the Umayyad governors of Spain (714-756)? Discuss
  • 2000-What were the reasons for the downfall of the Muslim rule in Spain? Discuss.
  • 1998-Describe the grandeur and progress of Spain during the reign of Abdur Rehman-III
  • 1998-Describe the main features of the central administration under the UMMAYADS of SPAIN.
  • 1998-Discuss the political, social and economic conditions of Spain at the time of Muslim conquests.
  • 1991 -Discuss the character and achievements of HISHAM I of CORDOVA.


  • a-Political, social,economic and religious conditions of Spain before Muslim conquest.
  • b-Reasons and the events of the conquest of Spain by Muslims with special reference toTariq Bin Ziyad and Musa Bin Nusayr.
  • c-Character and achievements of:-Abdur Rehman I-Hisham I-Abdur Rehman II-Abdur Rehman III
  • d-Administration and Social development in Spain by Muslim rulers.
  • e-Causes of the downfall of Muslim rule in Spain.

B)Muslim Art, Architecture, Knowledge, Sciences, Philosophy, History in Spain

  • 2010- Write a comprehensive note on Muslim architecture in Spain with special reference of QASR AZ ZAHRA and ALHAMBRA
  • 2010- Discuss the main features of Muslim contributions to philosophy in Spain with brief notes on any three important philosophers of that period
  • 2009- write a note on Muslim contributions in Spain in natural or social sciences.
  • 2009- How did Imam MAlik’s Muwatta leave a strong impact in Spain? Discuss.
  • 2008- Give an analytical study of the evolution of the Muslim Architecture from the mosque of Cordova up to the Alhamra of Granada
  • 2007- Highlight the achievements of Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Rushd.
  • 2006- Write a comprehensive note on Muslim architecture in Spain with special reference to some of the important buildings of Cordova and Granada.
  • 2005- Write a note on the life and academic contributions of Ibn Sina(Avicenna) andIbn Rushd(Averroes).
  • 2005- Harun al Rashid and Mamun al Rashid contributed a great deal towards different disciplines of knowledge. Substantiate with historical facts.
  • 2004- Discuss the chief features of Muslim contribution to philosophy in Spain with brief notes on any three important philosophers of that period.
  • 2003- Andulas was the greatest seat of learning and research during the Muslim rule. Describe some of the major political and philosophical contributions of the period and its glory.
  • 2003- Ibn Khaldun is known as one of the most authentic Muslim historians of his time. Describe his contribution to the historical field.
  • 2002- Describe some philosophical and political writings in Andalus.
  • 2002- Discuss the contribution of Muslims in the field of pottery and calligraphy.
  • 2001- Critically analyze the contribution of the Muslims of Spain to History with special reference to the works of Ibn Khaldun.
  • 2001- Critically evaluate the Muslim contribution in the field of architecture, Music, painting, pottery, and calligraphy under the Muslim rulers of Spain.
  • 2000- Thoroughly analyze the works of Ibn Sina which brought a revolution in European medical sciences.


  • a-Muslim architecture in Spain with special reference to remarkable buildings erected by Muslims
  • b -Life and Achievements of:-Ibn Khaldun-Ibn Rushd-Ibn Sina
  • c-Development of philosophy, history, music, fine arts, political studies and calligraphy in Spain
  • d-Development of Medicinal Sciences by Muslims
  • e-Promulgation of Islamic Fiqh in Spain.

C)Muslim Learning and European Renaissance/Reformation

  • 2010-The scientific and literary progress of the Muslims in Spain and Sicily laid the foundation of the renaissance in Europe. Discuss with evidence 
  • 2009-The scientific and literary progress of the Muslims in Spain and Bagdad laid down the foundation of RENAISSANCE in Europe. Discuss with evidence.
  • 2007-The advancement of Europe in the field of Sciences is based on the achievements of Muslims in their golden era. Discuss
  • 2006-What do you know about the influence of Muslim Sicily on the European civilization? Please write in a scholarly manner.
  • 2004-It is claimed that the Renaissance and Reformation movements in Western and Southern Europe were indebted to the Muslim learning in Spain. please substantiate.
  • 2002-Spain was the torch of Europe. The Arabs were the bringers of the light to medieval Europe. Elucidate.
  • 2000-How the Muslim universities and seminaries in Cordova, Granada, and Bagdad contributed towards bringing intellectual revolution known as European Renaissance In 15th and 16th centuries A.D.Discuss
  • 1998-Describe in detail the ways and means by which Islamic culture and civilization were introduced in Europe.


  • a-How Muslim learning in Spain and Baghdad initiated and influenced European Renaissance and Reformation.
  • b-Ways and means by which Islamic Culture and Civilization transferred to Europe.


  • 2010 -Describe the causes and consequences of early Muslim conquests of Egypt and North Africa.
  • 2008-Give a critical study of the causes and the consequences of the Muslim rule in Africa.
  • 2008-Africa got advancement in Material prosperity and in the field of knowledge and wisdom under the Muslim regime. Comment
  • 2007-How did Islam penetrate in Africa? Also, give a brief introduction to North African Muslim countries.
  • 2006-In which period of history Islam was introduced in North Africa? Describe the conquests of these lands from Amr bin A’as to Uqba bin Nafi.
  • 2001-How North Africa was conquered? Describe the conquest of North Africa in brief from Amr bin A’as to Uqba bin Nafi.
  • 2000-How Islam was introduced in Africa and Spain? Discuss with reference to the period of Islamic history starting from the times of Hazrat Umer, the second caliph, up to the times of Walid bin Abdul Malik, the Umayyad caliph.


  • a-When and How Islam penetrated in North Africa?
  • b-Conquests of North Africa from Amr Bin Aas to Uqba Bin Nafi.
  • c-A brief introduction of North African countries.
  • d-North Africa before and after Muslim conquest.


  • 2008-Write a comprehensive ESSAY on “the women and nation-building” in Muslim Spanish society
  • 2007-Western civilization is in a state of the clash with Islamic civilization for increasing its influence. Please argue in either YES or NO.
  • 2007-Describe the ways and means through which a bridge may be made between the Muslims and Western societies for co-existence.
  • 2007-Why the Muslim Ummah is lagging behind today in the field of science and technology?
  • 2006-What are in your view the main problems of the Muslim Ummah today? What are their solutions?
  • 2005-How do you perceive the future scenario of the present conflict between the Western policymakers and the Muslims?
  • 2004-Explain the political motives of the American presence in Iraq and identify its effects in the region with special reference to Pakistan.
  • 2001-What are the problems of the Muslim World today and who is to be blamed for that? What is the remedy? please discuss.
  • 1997-What does chivalry mean in the medieval ages? What were its main characteristics?


  • a-Clash of civilization between the west and Islam
  • b-Problems of Muslim Ummah and their solutions.
  • c-War on terror and position of Muslim countries.


  • 2010 -Critically evaluate the ottomans' administrative reforms with special reference to TANZIMAT.
  • 2006-Describe the character and achievements of Muhammad al-Fatah, the Ottoman.
  • 2005-Critically evaluate the Ottoman’s administrative reforms with special reference to their TANZIMAT 
  • 2004-Enumerate the principal mosques erected by the Ottomans in their capital city of Istanbul.
  • 2004-Describe the character and achievements of Suleiman, the magnificent.
  • 2003-Out of a moth-eaten and depleted empire, Kamal Ataturk created a nation throbbing with life and activity. There was certainly a glaring manifestation of dictatorship in some aspects of his ascendancy but he was a fervent believer in the sublime destiny of his people whom posterity will remember as one of the greatest national heroes. In light of this statement, analyze the major achievements of Ataturk.
  • 2003-“Within three hundred years of the greatness of Suleiman, the Ottoman Empire lay bankrupt, decrepit and rotting”. Give reasons for the disintegration of Turkey.


  • a-Character and achievements of -Muhammad al-Fatah-Suleiman, the Magnificent
  • b-Administration under Ottomans
  • c-Architecture and other developments under Ottomans
  • d-Conquests of European lands by Ottomans
  • e-Causes of the downfall of the Ottoman Empire


  • 2010 -Write an Essay on any one of the following1-Cairo under Fatimids 2-Cordova under Umayyads
  • 1998-Write a short note on Fatimids of North Africa.
  • 1997-“Ain ul Jalut was a great day not only in the history of Egypt and Islam but also in the whole history of civilization”. Substantiate.
  • 1994-“The complex problems which the genealogy of the Fatimids raise defy a satisfactory solution”.Elaborate.


  • a-Introduction to the Fatimids of Egypt
  • b-War of Ain ul Jalut and its significance


  • i-Al-Hamra
  • ii-Cordoba
  • iii-Gibralteriv-Al-Qairawan
  • v-Mudarites
  • vi-Yamanites
  • vii-Abdur Rehman-I
  • viii-Hisham
  • ix-Al-Hakma
  • i-Ziryab, the musician
  • ii-Battle of zallaqa
  • iii-Al-Generalife
  • iv-Battle of Ain Jallut
  • v-University of Cordova
  • i-Abdur Rehman I
  • ii-Tariq Bin Ziyad
  • iii-Ibn Rushdiv-Al Hakam
  • i-Cordova
  • ii-Al Hamra
  • iii-Ibn Zuhriv-Ibn Hazm
  • i-Banu Abbad of Saville
  • ii-Ibn Khaldun
  • iii-Hajib al Mansur


  • Schools of Islamic Fiqh
  • Ibn Arab
  • Crusades
  • Imam Ghazal
  • Ibn Haitham 
  • The Battle of Tours
  • IbTufail
  • Alp Arslan
  • Ibn Batuta
  • Ibn taimia

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