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Online Jobs from home for students without Investment

Online Jobs from home for students without Investment
Stay at home online jobs are excellent ways for students to earn extra amounts of cash by working jobs at home. There are a number of sites available on the internet that claim to provide home-based jobs that pay well. There are websites that require initial investments and registration fee and there are some websites that do not require any initial investment and registration fee. The problem lies in the fact that not every website that claims to provide home based jobs for students is an authentic one. The real hassle is finding authentic websites that offer the best work from home jobs and best work from home jobs for students. Here you can find the best online jobs from home for students without any investment and registration fees.
1.    Content Writing Jobs: Content Writing Jobs are the most common freelance and home-based jobs undertaken by people. Content writing pays $3 to $10 per page depending upon the level of research that is required to be done in order to be able to write the content. The content writing jobs may vary from article writing, writing blog posts, writing advertisements, promotional posts, stories, novels and academic writing, etc.
2.    Data Entry Jobs: Data Entry Jobs refers to the job where one is responsible for updating data into the computer formally as per format from the manual papers or document. Data Entry Jobs requires fast typing speed, attention to detail and the knowledge and ability to operate computer-based software. Data Entry Jobs pay $1 to $3 per page.
3.    Form Filling Jobs: Form Filling Job requires the person to fill in different forms online. Form Filling Jobs are considered the easiest and high earning jobs among the list of home based jobs. Form Filling Jobs require the knowledge of vocabulary and fast typing speed. Form Filling Jobs can ear $3 to $6 per form.
4.    Copy Paste Jobs: Copy Pasting Jobs is the easiest among the online home based jobs that earn well. Copy Pasting Jobs pay $10 to $15 per 100 words. Copy Pasting Jobs do not require many skills and knowledge. It only requires the practice of shortcut keys on the keyboard to be able to work fast.
5.    Ad Posting Jobs: Ad Posting Jobs earn money by posting ads that pay $2 to $4 per ad. Additional earning are generated by the clicking of those ads, which may vary.
6.    Digital Marketing / Social Media Management Jobs: These days Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Jobs are trending. A person is required to manage a brand’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. A Digital Marketer is required to bring in likes for the page or act as a brand promoter by promoting the brand or page. A person can get $10 to $15 per 100 likes. Besides, Whatsapp group management or Whatsapp based advertisements and promotions are also a part of Digital Marketing Jobs. 
These home based online jobs can be found on authentic websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and E-Lance.

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