Monday 12 November 2018

Causes of Failure in BA English Essay for BA Students

Causes of Failure in BA English Essay for BA Students
1. English is a foreign language.
2. The English teachers are untrained in our country.
3. The teacher makes the student cram to pass the examination.
4. Unqualified teachers are teaching English. .
5. The teacher has become the businessman.
6. Conclusion.

In our country many languages are spoken. Urdu is our national language, Arabic is our religious language and we have many provincial and local languages. English is our official language. It is foreign to us in many ways we cannot understand its idioms, different dialects and phonology.
Out teaching of English is based on absurd and contaminated methodology. The teachers themselves are-unaware of the A, B and C of English. They recommend some critical books to the students instead of teaching them properly and as a result, the students fail in English. In his respect, B.A English has become an unsolvable issue. The teachers cannot teach the text because they do not want to explain it properly.
The teachers merely make the students cram the important things in order to pass the examination. They learn by heart the idioms, letters and essays. Even they cram English "Literature" but the examination pattern has changed, the students fail despite cramming. Now the modern methodology is required to pass B.A English.
It has also been observed that the private academies and colleges have not got the proper English teachers. Even those who have done M.A Urdu and Political Science are teaching English. They .claim that you can improve English if you teach- it. They are playing with the future of the nation. The people trust the academies but the unqualified teachers exploit them.
It is unfortunate that the Govt. colleges have forgotten their real role. Most of the teachers prefer to teach junior classes instead of teaching B.A English. Even they call the students to their academies, but they don't teach them in colleges. The teachers also want to earn without doing any hard work.
Consequently, we can say that English is a foreign language and our teachers have made it more difficult. The students arc also playing irresponsible role. They don't like to appear in college test. Even if a teacher wants to teach them they show no interest. In order to avoid failure in B.A English, the teachers and students require cooperation.

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