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BA English Part 1 Past Paper 2018 - 3rd Year

BA English Part 1 Past Paper 2018 - 3rd Year
If you are in search of the past paper of BA English Part 1 then you are at right page because here we have shared the BA English Part 1 Past Paper 2018 - 3rd Year.

Q. # 1: Explain with reference to the context Any THREE of the followings extracts. (20)
a. Then chicken to fry
The baby to dry
I got company to feed
The garden to weed.

b. And whistles in his sound. Last scene of
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste sans everything.

c. So little happens, the black dog Cracking his fleas in the hot sun
Is history. Yet the girl who crosses
From door to door moves to a scale
Beyond the bland day's two dimensions

d. Nothing, go away . . . No, stop No, go away, go away! I hate you! Or no . . . Don't go away! Oh, if you knew how
angry I am, how angry I am! [Throws her revolver on the table] My fingers have swollen because of all this... [Tears her handkerchief in temper] What arc you waiting for? Get out!

e. an amazing lot of electricity at work in this house. Your kitchen's a sight. You turn a switch and let electricity do the things that used to make women slaves to household tasks. I think men invented all these gadgets. Men freed you for the career in which you've beaten other men. There's good in men, my dear.

Q. # 2: Attempt any TWO of the following questions (150 words each) (20)
a)Why couldn't John Steinbeck, the writer, ever forget his meeting with the cotton pickers (Breakfast)
b)Discuss the theme of the story 'The shadow in the Rose Garden' by D.H Lawrence.
c)How does Anton Chekhov brine out the hypocritical nature of Popova in the play 'The Bear'?
Q 3: Attempt any TWO of the following questions (150 words each) (20)
a) How does the poetess Maya Angelou idealize the character of a woman in the poem 'Woman Work'?
b) How many stages or human life does Shakespeare point out in the poem? Which stage of life do you find more fascinating? (All the World's a Stage)
c) Discuss `Kubla Khan' as a highly imaginative poem of fantastic imagery.

Q. # 4: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (25)
Syed Ahmed had gone to England on dual mission— to learn and to teach. His mission of learning was fulfilled as well. as it might be in a year and five months. He had learnt enough to understand what was there in the character, manners, modes and institutions of the British which had made them rulers of a vast empire. His teaching mission, however, was not so successful. The British were not interested in being taught to understand and respect Islam. What if it was the best religion in the world? They had more important things to think about, as, for.example, the discoveries and inventions of science, the reform of society, human progress, freedom of thought, individual liberty. As for religion— well, if it was necessary or useful to have religion, Christianity was good enough for them, .whether as a mythology, or as a moral code, or as a ritual system. Syed Ahmad, therefore, had to find other pupils to teach, other congregations 10 Preach to. These he could find only in India. So he came back home full of ambitious plans to impart to his Muslim countrymen all that he had learnt in England as well as that h'e had gone there to teach but had been unable to.

I. What was the purpose of Sir Syed's visit to England? 2
2.What did Syed Ahmad learn in England 2
3.What were the British interested in? 2
Why were they not interested in Islam?
5. What plans did Syed Ahmad have to accomplish on coming. back home? 2
6. Write a precis of the above passage. 15

Q. # 5: Write a dialogue between a troublemaker and a teacher in the class. OR
Translate the following passage into English
BA English Part 1 Past Paper 2018 - 3rd Year

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