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FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers Solved MCQs pdf

FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers Solved MCQs pdf
If you are in search of the solved mcqs of FPSC Assistant Director in pdf then you are at right page because here we have shared the FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers Solved MCQs pdf download.

1.Study of coins called: Numismatic
2. Zamindar newspaper published by Molana Zafar Ali
3. How many idols in Kaba at Fateh Makkah: 360 idols?
4. Teacher of Plato was: Socrates
5. Great philosophers of Greek are Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.
6. His father does not refrain him FROM
7. Theory of reward & punishment:Utilitarian
8. Energy from the Sun: Solar Energy
9. Vitamin from the Sun: Vitamin D
10. TB affects which organ? Lungs
11. One party system in: China
12. Two parties of UK: Conservative+Labour
13. 10 x 1.5: 15 liters
14. 127 = 84
15. Distribute 60000 in ratio 3, 5, 7.
Difference between small & large share: 160000
16. Lucknow pact was to: Settle HinduMuslim Disputes
17. Gandhi withdrew Khilafat movement due to: Chaura Chauri incident
18. Arsenal rotation of an object at the center of earth: Circular Zigzag
19. Sassi Punuh wrote by: Hashim Shah
20. Ctrl+F12 key: Open word document.
21. Which is Not an application software: Windows XP
22. Shudars cast in India perform: Serving lower jobs
23. Inclined towards social company called: Gregarious
24. CENTO ended in: 1979
25. Finland Capital is: Helsinki
26. End of Black age from start of: Enlightenment
27. The greatest act in Greek was to: Sacrifice
28. Day of deliverance observed due to: End of Congress Ministries
29. Khilafat Movement started During Chelmsford period:
30. Leader of Quraish in battle of Uhd was Abu Sufiyan
31. Bolshevik 1917 revolution referred to: Mark Lenin
32. Germany attacked Poland in: WWII
33. Karl Marx said culture changes due to: Economy
34. To elect President via 1962 constitution by: Elections
35. Father of political economy: lbn-eKhaldun
36. State comprises of Population, Sovereignty, Territory but not: Religion
37. Input device: Keyboard
38. Having no religion, the state is referred as: Secular.
39. To keep things in for yourself irrespective to social revealing: Privacy
40. Popular sovereignty lies with: People
41. Diamond Is expensive due to: Having rare utility making by people
42. Height measurement by: Altimeter
43. Going upwards atmosphere pressure: Decreases
44. Which Gas to resist UV rays: Ozone
45. Cold drink contains: Carbon dioxide
46. Real antonym: Fake
47. Landslide takes place in: Mountains
48. Summer Monsoon comes from: Arabian Sea
49. Pakistan's coastal provinces: Slndh and Baluchistan
50. Harmful gas to environment: Carbon Monoxide ·
51. Oil & gas that we get from: Fossil Fuels
52. Fluctuate antonyms: Remain Constant
53. Place where low rainfall called: Drought
54. 1 Nibble=4 BHs
55 Coldest Place in Pak: Skardu
56. Hiran Minar in: Shelkhupura
57. on sunny day, photosynthesis: Increases
58. The treaty of Human rights is called: UDHR
59. Baltic States got independence from: USSR In 1991
60. Power point consist: Slides
61. MS Excel has: Rows & Columns
62. Which of the following is not a web browser: Microsoft Outlook
63. Pak is linked to china via: Karakorum Highway
64. Pak joined UNO on: 30 Sep, 1947
65. After· partition of Bengal, Muslim majority was in: West.
66. What was Purpose of RCD: Socio· economic development
67. Factors of Productions are: 4
68. UN declaration of Human Rights on: 1948
69. Landscape+ Portrait Is type of : Page layout
70. Shah Latif poet of: Slndh
71. Bahaudln Zakrla tomb Is In: Multan
72. Slalkot is famous for: Surgical Instrument
73. Source of International Law: Jurisdiction
74. Morse code uses in: Telegraph
75. Noise pollution cause: High BP
76. American declaration of independence
via: Treaty of Paris 1783
77. Developed countries try for democracy in other countries to: Liberalize trade
78. Developed countries earn in trade by: Tariff
79. When electron jumps from lower to upper shell/orbit it gain energy: Kinetic Energy
80. Wood use in furniture called: Timber
81. In database which type hold the single/one type of data: Field
82. IP address: A unique network Identification
83. 1km=1000m
84. Kala Chita Range is famous for: Marble
85. One of the sources of constitution based upon: Islamic Ideology
86. Countries which seek self/national interest, is a theory: Realism
87. Most emphasis in Quran for: N'amaz
88. Foreign entities which affect domestic policy of state: NGOs
89. A student studying external affairs with respect to domestic interest: Foreign Policy.
90. Who address grievances of public: federal ombudsman
91. Series of Instruction through which task can be achieved Is: algorithm
92. Taboo means: that Is commonly not allowed
93. Princely states were given the option for referendum In: 3rd June Plan
94. If the word 'STOVE' can be written as FNBLK, how can the word 'VOTES' be written In that code: LBNKF
95. Vaccine is used for: to kill germs, virus and disease: Ans all of these
96. USSR established on the basis of Karl Marx ideology, that's based upon: Economy
97. Who said culture, history changes because of: economy? Karl Marx
98. Message in Iqbal's khudi to: Dignify yourself
99. Forbidden in Islam: Wine
100. Political parties made up for: Common Interests
101. Quick to access tools by: Dialog Box
102. In MS Word, line boxes are inserted by: Insert Table
103. Among these not a tissue: Stomach
104. The color of eye is due to: genes
105. One of the characteristics is not of solid: frequent fluidity
106. USA and USSR assumed them super powers based on: Arsenal'
107. USURY: INTER: price: gouging
108. Human is a social animal said by: Aristotle
109. National Disaster day is: 8 Oct
110. intelligible data is called: Information.
111. About which place it is said "the place where heaven and earth meet": Punial
112. Road for an automobile is to an airplane: Airport
113. AC to DC: Osclllatlon/rectlflcatlon
114. Drill produces, electric sound &: Heat Energy
115. Globalization results in: trade amongst countries
116. Eros in Greek mythology: God of Love
117. Minar e Pak constructed in: 1968
118. 146. Rabi crop sown in: Nov Dec
119. Anonymous antonyms: Known
120. NATO members: 28
121. Green Peace HQ: Amsterdam, Netherland
122. Hindu named Bengal Partition: Black day
123. Kaseer-ur-Rawiya: Abu Huraira
124.Britain PM is elected by: Queen
125. American president should be
resident of USA for: 14 years
126. Hudaibia treaty for: 1 O years
127. On Chess Rook is called: castle
128. Largest ex British colonies are now
in: Commonwealth
129. 5·5+5x5+5=5
130. CLOCK: TIME: Yardstick: Distance
131 . Scrutinize antonym: Skim
132. The research is so .... .... Comprehend
f that it leaves no part issue unexamined: Comprehensive
133. Scales: Fish: Feathers: Bird
134. Ctrl+F command in MS Office for? Search.

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