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Basic Principles of the Ideology of Pakistan

Basic Principles of the Ideology of Pakistan
If you are looking for the basic principles of the Pakistan's Ideology then you are at right page because below we have written the Basic Principles of the Ideology of Pakistan.


Islam commands the same position in the Ideology of Pakistan as i the blood has in a living organism. It was the missionary zeal to implement Islamic way of life that inspired the creation of a homeland for the Muslims in the sub-continent. It has been explicitly laid down in the Preamble of every Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that sovereignty belongs to Allah and that no-law will be enacted which is repugnant, to sharia. While implementing Islamic way of life, the peculiar socio-cultural and political environments, however, will be given due consideration. The present day complex problems generated by socio-economic mobilization in a scientific age, pose a serious challenge that has to be confronted by Muslim scholars while chalking out a workable Islamic framework in all fields of life. Islam has, in fact, provided basic injunctions in all directions, and the need is to discover the underlying spirit of these principles and translate it into the contemporary realities.

Two Nation Theory. 

Two Nation Theory performed a key role in the struggle for freedom on account of peculiar environmental settings of the sub-continent. Allama Iqbal presented it in the most logical and convincing manner. He signaled the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims in South Asia, on the basis of Two Nation Theory, in his famous Presidential address delivered at the annual session of Muslim League in -Allahabad in 1930. Hence he demarcated a clear line of action to be followed by the Indian Muslims. He categorically stated in this address that creation of a separate homeland was inevitable in order to preserve Islamic civilization as a concrete reality. Thus Iqbal inculcated a new zeal in Muslim's life through his poems. Two Nation Theory continues to hold a pivotal position in the Ideology of Pakistan, viz., the very existence of Pakistan manifests this reality that Muslims are a separate nation from every point of view. Their way of life, cultural patterns, value system and national goals, all stand distinct from other nations. It needs to be kept in mind that the cultural legacy and the perceptions about the national heroes of other nations, mostly reflect parochial thinkings and regional outlook. The cultural legacy of every country of Europe, for instance, is distinct despite their commitment to Christianity as a common religion. English society has its distinct national heroes of the past, while French boast on their distinct cultural past. But the past heroes of Pakistani Muslims are almost common with the heroes of the rest of the Muslims 'Mulla'. Not to speak of the binding nature of the 'Ijma' of the Pious Caliphs, all Pakistani Muslims fully pay due respect to Muslim war heroes such as Tariq Bin Z:ad, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Salah-ud-Din Ayyubi, despite the fact tnat ail belonged to distinct races and territories. All Muslims have clear perceptions regarding the universality of Islam and its global dimensions.

The introduction of separate electorate in 1980's in Pakistan :a a clear indication that the separate identity of religious minorities will have to be preserved from the rest of Pakistani Muslims. This step can provide better assurance for safeguarding their rights and interest. It has been made a constitutional obligation on the government to encourage Islamic way of life in the society. In pursuance of this goal, different devices have been introduced and concrete steps taken. It has also been made obligatory on the government to foster Muslim solidarity and promote ties with the Muslim countries viz, an important aspect in foreign policy of Pakistan.

Democratic System

Political ideology signifies public participation in the collective life of the community *as well as in the affairs of government. No individual, group, nor any priest class has been ensured inherited right to rule. Though the political system has to be based on religion yet it is not a theocracy in the Western sense. The governmental system shall be carried on in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Nevertheless, the structure of democracy shall be in accordance with the socio-cultural and political conditions within the general framework of Islamic teachings. The system of government, therefore, shall be distinct in spirit and unique in respect of its objectives from its Western counterparts. Sovereignty of Allah, unlike sovereignty of people, as understood in Western sense, shall be the basis of this political system.

Economic Justice

Ideology of Pakistan aims at the welfare and betterment of the people. It has been explicitly laid down in almost all the Constitutions, especially in the 'Principles of Policy', that government. is under an obligation to provide basic needs of life to all its citizens. Economic system of Islam is closer, to a greater extent, to the Welfare Concept of a modern state, in which moderate principles have to be introduced, combining liberal and socialistic models of economy.

Social Pattern

Ideology of Pakistan stands for a distinct cultural and social pattern of life. It has full capabilities to promote integrative values. Undoubtedly, Islam bears, deep imprints on the Muslim culture of the sub¬continent. Nevertheless, new usages and values and cultural norms grew in this region due to distinct geographical environments, racial and ethnic factors.' All these customary ways of life that do not collide with the teachings of Islam, can be taken as cultural inheritance of the Muslims of the sub-continent. It is an obligation on the government to protect and promote those cultural values that have historic linkage with the Ideology of Pakistan.

To sum up, Ideology of Pakistan is the repository of a complete code of life having all the basic injunctions in all directions, necessary for nation-building. The solidarity of the Pakistani nation lies in its adherence to the basi tenets of this ideology.

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