Monday 4 January 2021

BA/BSc Zoology Guess Paper 2022

BA/BSc Zoology Guess Paper 2021
If you are in search of the guess paper of bsc part 1 zoology guess paper A then here we have published the BA/BSc Zoology Guess Paper 2022.

  • genetic drift
  • law of segregation
  • law of independent assortment
  • connective tissues
  • meiosis
  • biotic & abiotic component of ecosystem
  • hardy weinberg theorems
  • energy of activation
  • cell membrane its structure & function. environment & world resources
  • cytoskeletion
  • social behavior
  • natural selection
  • human population growth
  • proteins enzymes & factors effecting enzyme activity
  • DNA replication
  • pollution
  • krebs cycle
  • glycolysis
  • Hypertonic & hypotonic solutions
  • bufèrs mutation
  • central dogma
  • golgi apparatus
  • lysosomes
  • In complete & dominance
  • torpor
  • hibernation
  • winter sleep & aestivation
  • with respect to biogeography & molecular biology
  • camouflage
  • counter shading
  • aposomatic coloration & minicry carbohydrates
  • control of metabolism
  • freshwater ecosystem
  • lamarckism
  • allopatric speciation
  • galapagos island
  • linkage gene flow
  • cilia & fiagella

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