Monday 4 January 2021

9th class Computer Guess Paper 2021

9th class Computer Guess Paper 2021
Looking for the guess Paper of computer science Matric class 9? Here we have published the 9th class Computer Guess Paper 2021.

Ch.1: Abacus, analytical engine, the modern stored-program EDC, Advancement in the 1950s to 1960s, 2nd & 3rd generation, Types of computer, super & microcomputers, Use of computer in education, simulation, banks, Basic, Cobol, C&C++, Java, Lisp, language translator,

Ch.2: CPU, ALU, BUS, USB, Parallel ports,

Ch.3: keyboard, mouse, microphone, joystick, monitors, Dot-matrix, laser printers, plotters,

Ch.4: RAM & ROM, memory units, Formatting, data organization Floppy,

Ch.5: data intimation, types of data, number system introduction,1's & 2's complement, computers codes Q#6 to18.

Ch.6: Identity elements, boolean Laws, duality principle, AND, OR, NOT operation, Q1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7

Ch.7: Types of the operating system, DOS, Types of DOS, commands, CLS, Time, Date, Dir, MD, RD, VOL, VER, XCopy, Q.1,5,6,13,

Ch.8: folder, File extension, Icon, Start button, Mouse, Short cuts, Help, Virus, Antivirus, Q,5,8. 

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