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10th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2019

10th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2018
In search of the class 10 chemistry subject guess paper? Here we have written the 10th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2019

law of mass action ,
derivation expression ,
equilibrium constant ,
page 12 ,
Short Q : page 18 (2,6,7,8,11)
properties acid or base ,
pH scale,
Short Q :(6,8,17,)
page 56 complete long ,
general character organic comp ,
homologous series
Short Q : (1,2,7, 8,to 14),
 physical properties (alkanes,alkayne ,alkene)
use methane or ethane or acetylene
Short Q: (1 ,3,5,6,9,10,)
carbohydrate ,
uses (protein,fats,imp vitamin)
Short Q: (3,6,10,to 13,16,19,20)
oxide co,co2 ,
affect global warming ,
Page 128 to 130 Page 142  Most Imp Short (4,6,7,9,12) page (158,163,164,) Short Q: (2,5,6,8,11,13,16,17)

Chemistry 10th Short Questions

Part 1
 reversible & irreversible reactions
chemical equilibrium
forward N reverse reaction
law of mas action
ex chap 1,4,7,8,13
meaning of acid and Properties
mineral acids,sources of acids
Ph of water
universal indicator
salt and proportion
neutralization reaction
ex chap2 6,8,7,15,20
vital force theory
aromatic comp
types of coal,
destructive distilation
normal n iso propyl
ex chap3, 2,3,5,8,10
marsh gas,olifins
why bananas are not kept with other fruit
ex chap 5 1,3,10,11,16
formula of glucose
def of carbohydrates
amino acid
fatty acids formulas
genetic code of life
types of vi ion
ex chap 15,1,3,6,7,12
anode mud,
raw material of Solvay Proces
advantages of solvay proces
urea raw material
fractional distililation
 Part 2 
fractions of crude Oil,ex Chap16 8,9,13,14

LONG Questions

Law of mas action
macroscopic character of dynamic equilibrium,
extent of reaction
lewis Concept
uses of bases
preperation of salts
chara N uses of organic composition
functional group
preparation of alkanes
reactions Of alkanes
uses of ethene
preparation of alkynes
Sources and uses of lipids
importance of vitamins
effects of global warming
acid rain Effects
effects of Ozone depletion
removal of temperature n permanent hard

Ch 09 
Law of mass action and its derivation. Dynamic equilibrium, macroscopic properties of dynamic equilibrium, imp of kc to direction. Forward and reverse reaction.
Ch 10 complete with exercise and numerical
Ch 11
Vital force theory, types of formulae of org comp, classification of org comp, catenation, isomerism, coal its formation, types, destructive distillation of coal.alkyle radical, homologous series and its properties, all functional group ant their all test.
Ch 12 complete
Ch 13
Carbohydrates protein vitamins and nucleic acid complete
Ch 14 
layers of atmosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, primary and sec pollutants,
Greeh house effect and global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain and their effects.
Ch 15 
Water as solvent, properties,
** causes of hardness in water , types and their removal vvv imp
Domestic and agricultural effluents..
Ch 16 
Solvays process, urea formation, fractional distillation of crude oil,
Roasting smelting and bassemerization

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