Sunday 17 March 2019

Matric 10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2019

Matric 10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2018
If you are in search of the class 10 guess papers of Physics subject then you are at right page because here we have published the Matric 10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2019

1.ultrasound of reflection
3.Coulomb s law
4.Electric power
5.Step up step down transform er
6.Mutual induction
7.Joules law and formula
8.Electric field intensity
9.potential Difference
10.Electric Field of lines
11.Electric current and its unit.
12.Ohm's and non ohms metals
13.Information and communication
14.Galvanometer and Ammeter
15.Critical angle and refractive index
16.Digital and Analog
17.Simple harmonic motion exp.
18.Total internal reflection
19.Fleming's law
21.Ohms law
22.Pitched of sound.,Intensity of sound
23.conductor and insulator
24.Goldleaf electroscope
25.Uses of internet.
26.Resistance and unit
27.NAND ,NOR .AND, OR, Gates ,Symbol, Truth Table
28.Hardware and Software
29.Nuclear Transmission
30.Nuclear Fission and Fusion.

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