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Education in Pakistan English Essay outline for CSS,PCS and Other Tests

Education in Pakistan English Essay outline for CSS,PCS and Other Tests
If you are the one who is looking for the some good and helpful essay outline on Education system in Pakistan then here we have listed the Education in Pakistan English Essay for CSS,PCS,NTS and Other Tests

Education in Pakistan
1. Awareness in public
2. No better utilization of Education (unemployment)
3. Poverty and education
4. Different concepts of education prevailing in people
5. Different system of education
 English , A level, O level
 Urdu, public schools
 Arabic, Madrassah
6. Difference level – for different section of population – and hence different utility
7. Highest opportunities for advancement (in competition) for English school students.
8. Urdu-mostly low scale jobs (Can’t get their children educated from highest institutions especially English medium-hence a cycle continues.
9. Poor and middle class children (lower stature)
10. Quality of education in Urdu medium
 Number of schools
 Number of teachers
 Syllabus
 Examination
 Quality of teachers
 Mostly children have to work after schools.
 Low capacity to compete
 No modern technology of teaching
 Teachers iron rod
 Schools away –children in heat or cold fall sick.
 High rate of drop out
 Bad company – spend most of time outside the home.
 People don’t send their children to schools, prefer to have them engaged in work for some earning for their large families.
 Fee, books, uniform shoes etc.
 No supervision at home for school work.
 Poor health of the students hence study is affected.
11. Madrassah’s
 Basically trained in religious studies
 Achronistic syllabus
 No scientific knowledge
 No knowledge of English language
 Poor or no use and awareness of modern technology
 Just trained for Namaz, Nikkah or Jinnaza
 Dependent upon the source of funding
 Hijacked by different donators, sponsoring machines of their ideology
 Myopic views of life and world
 No integration of students in normal educational system of the country
 The poorest people in the Madaressah.
 Jihadi culture of Madressahs
 Sectarianism in Madrassah
12. English medium institutes
 Not affordable for common people
 For upper classes
 Modern syllabus
 Different techniques for teaching the students
 Create competition among the students
 English medium culture
 Mushroom of English medium schools from last two decades
 Issue of space
 Charge high fee
13. Issues of Syllabi
 Not tuned with time
 According to the level of students
 How is it design
 The method, procedure and time period to revise the syllabus
 Members of board who revise syllabus
1. Educationist
2. Academicians
14. |Medium of Instruction
a) Mother tongue
b) Urdu
c\) English
 Which is best?
 To which level the teaching in mother tongue is better and where we should turn towards urdu or English?
 Comparison with other countries
 Serious study and debate require
15. Issues of examination and evaluation
 What should be the ways of evaluation
 Annual system
 Semester system
 Objective or subjective questions
 \Or mix of both
 If mixture what should be the percentage of objective and subjective questions
 The system of checking the papers
 Computerized checking
 Examiners
a) Arbitrary
b) Special guideline and training for checking
16. Issues of science subjects
 Quantity and quality of teachers
 Quantity and quality of labs
 Availability of fund
 Availability of equipment and chemicals
 Availability of electricity
 Culture of experimentation
 Traditional concept of people about science
17. Issues of college education
 Number of colleges as per population
 Number of lecturers as per students
 Choice of bright students
a) Pre-medical
b) Pre-engineering
 Social sciences second grade discipline
 Strikes
 Organizations
 Healthy activities
a) Literary
b) Cultural
c) Sports
 Issues of hostel for ruler students
 Issues of fee
18. Issues of university education
 Syllabus
 Research
 Funding
 Staff
 Politics in university
 Political and religious organizations
 Mashroom of universities but quality?
19. Issues of Research
 Topics for research
 Research culture
 Supervisor
 Funding
 Resources for research
 Laboratories
 Thesis
 Piracy
 Research and linkage with industry
 Modern research techniques
 Foreign and indigenous scholarship programme – and appraisal.
20. Issues of education of women
 Number of institutes for women
 Economic barriers
 Cultural barriers
 Insecurity
 Behavior of parents especially in ruler areas
 Women’s preferred professions
a) Education
b) Medical
 Issues of coeducation
 End of scope of education after marriage
 Loss of Govt investment
 Different Islamic groups and education of women in Pakistan
21. Policies of Government
 Fund allocation
 Educational policies
 Establishment of new universities and research institutes
 Parha-Likha Punjab
 Punjab educational foundation
 Teachers on contract
 Free books
 Stipends for girls
 Refreshment: milk and biscuits
 Special attention towards girls education
 Public private partnership
 Different monitoring system
 Introduction of tenure track system
22. Issues of teachers
 Low salary
 Poor facilities
a) Accommodation transport
 No carrier security
 Political interference in transfer posting
 Low promotions
 Absenteeism
 Rough behavior of teacher with students
 Poor knowledge of subjects
 No proper evaluation of students
  •  Traditional methods of teaching
  •  No refreshers courses during the service
23. Why do as a nation we not give highest value to education
24. When a religion stresses on need of education, why do we shun from education
25. Who are responsible for sorrow state of education?
a) Educationist
b) Institutions
c) Administrators
d) Politicians
26. Why poor funding for education?
27. Side by side with scientific and social sciences- is there no need for technical education
- Why least attention towards Technical and Vocational education
28. Without Education can we progress
a) Economically
b) Socially
c) Politically
d) Religiously
29. Where do we stand educationally with respect to the rest of the world?
30. The ways to promote education in Pakistan
31. New challenges and education
a) Terrorism
b) Political chaos
c) Sectarianism
d) Global warming
e) Factionalism
32. Future of education in Pakistan
33. Conclusion

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