Wednesday 11 October 2017

CSS Paper Precis Solved Passage 2017

CSS Paper Precis Solved Passage 2017

Question: Write a precis of the following passage and also suggest a suitable title. (CSS-2017)
All the evils in this world are brought about by the persons who are always up and doing, but do not know when they ought to be up nor what they ought to be doing. The devil, I take it, is still the busiest creature in the universe, and can quite imagine him denouncing laziness and becoming angry at the smallest waste of time. In his kingdom, I will wager, nobody is allowed to do nothing, not even for a single afternoon. The world, we all freely admit, is in a muddle but I for one do not think that it is laziness that has brought it to such a pass. It is not the active virtues that it lacks but the passive ones; it is capable of anything but kindness and a little steady thought. There is still plenty of energy in the world (there never were more fussy people about), but most of it is simply misdirected. If, for example, in July 1914,"when 'there was some capital idling weather, everybody, emperors, Kings,
arch -dukes, statesmen, generals, journalists, had been suddenly smitten with an -intense desire to do nothing, just to hang about in the sunshine and consume tobacco, then we should all have "been much better off than we are now. But no, the doctrine -of the strenuous life still-went unchallenged; there must be no time wasted; something must be done. Again,--suppose our statesmen, instead of rushing off to Versailles with a' bundle of ill-digested- notions and great deal of energy to dissipate 'had all taken a fortnight oft, away from all-correspondence and interviews and what not, and had simply lounged about on some hillside -or other apparently doing nothing for the first time in their energetic lives, then they might have gone to their so-called peace conference and come away again with their reputations still unsoiled and -the affairs of the world in good trim. Even at the present time, if half of the politicians in Europe would relinquish the notion that laziness is crime and go away and do nothing for a little space, we should certainly gain by it. Other examples come crowding into mind. Thus, every now and then, certain religious sects hold conferences; but though there are evils abroad that are mountains high, though the fate of civilization is still doubtful, the members who attend these conferences spend their time condemning the length of ladies skirts and the noisiness of dance bands. They would all be better employed lying flat on their backs somewhere, staring at the sky and recovering their mental health.



Most of the evil in the world is because of the energetic and busy people. The confusion and chaos that we see in- world is not due to the lazy people but because of the active people. The world is full of energetic people but their energy is mostly misdirected. Such people only create confusion and mischief in the world. II the important people like emperors, politicians, statesmen and generals in the past had been less active; our world would have been a far better place. Laziness is not a crime but a blessing in disguise in many ways. The active and energetic people in the past did a great damage to the world. Even at present, it would be a great service to humanity, if half of the politicians and religious leaders abandon their activities and take a long, lazy break. In this way, the world will be saved from their activities; and they will get an opportunity to restore their mental health.

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