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9th Class Computer Science Notes pdf Download

9th Class Computer Notes pdf
If you are the student of Matric class 9 and you have chosen Computer subject to study then you should need computer notes of all important chapters. Here we have published the 9th Class Computer Notes pdf download online. All chapter notes are in pdf format.
Below is the list of all chapters notes.

9th Class Computer Notes All chapters of computer class SSC-1 Notes listed.
Unit No. Unit Name Links
Unit # 1 Introduction to Computers VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 2 Computer Components VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 3 Input / Output Devices VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 4 Storage Devices VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 7 Computer Software VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 8 Introduction to Windows VIEW / DOWNLOAD
Unit # 15 Word Processing VIEW / DOWNLOAD
The notes which we have provided here above are supposed to be 100% correct and have been rechecked to assure that there should be no mistakes in them but if you find any mistake in the notes then be free to contact us so that we will make them correct.

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