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Huge Vocabulary List for CSS Exams and Other Tests

Huge Vocabulary List for CSS Exams and Other Tests

Eulogy: praise
Exacerbate: make worse
Exasperation: frustration and annoyance
Excise: cut out
Exemplar: excellent example of
Exonerated: proved not guilty; acquit
Exorbitant: excessive
Exotic: strange; foreign
Expeditious: speedy; hasten
Extant: still in existence; opposite of extinct
Extirpation: destruction
Extol: praise; glorify
Extrapolate: predict on the basis of existing data; extended
Facile: over simplified
Faction: section; group with common interests
Fastidious: very fussy; excessively concerned (esp. about cleanliness)
Fawning: groveling; slavish; obsequious
Fidelity: faithfulness; loyalty
Finagle: wheedle; wangle; trick
Finesse: skill
Fitful: intermittent; on and off; not continuous
Flabbergast: shock; make speechless
Flag: to lose energy; to signal
Rambunctious: boisterous; highly exuberant; unruly
Rancor: bitterness and bad feeling
Ratify: give approval to (official)
Raze: known down, destroy
Reclusive: Avoid other people; solitary
Recrimination: blame
Rectitude: uprightness
Redolent: smelling of (literal or metaphoric)
Regressive: moving backwards (literal or metaphoric)
Rehash: revamp hurriedly/carelessly, to arrange in new form without
Remiss: neglectful
Repertoire: range, set of skills
Reprehensible: very bad; culpable; blame worthy
Reprieve: let off (atleast temporarily); delay; cancel
Reprimanded: scolded
Resilience: strength; ability to withstand
Resolute: firm of purpose
Retraction: removal; taking back
Rhetoric: persuasive language
Robust: strong and sturdy
Rousing: stirring; full of enthusiasm
Rudimentary: elementary; basic; not developed
Salvageable: can be saved
Sanctity: holiness
Sarcasm: sneering; bitter remarks; ironic or taunting
Scouring: cleaning thoroughly; thorough searching; comb
Scrutinize: examine carefully
Scuttled: sunk; foil
Secluded lonely; Isolated
Sedate: calm; placid
Seditious: causing division or rebellion
Sedulous: thorough; eager
Serene: peaceful
Sermonize: give moral lecture
Shroud: a cover for dead body; to cover
Slipshod: careless; untidy
Solace: comfort
Solicitous: expressing care and concern
Somber: gloomy
Sophistry: devious logic
Soporific: sleep inducing; sleep producer
Sporadic: intermittent; not continous; short stayed
Spumed: shunned; rejected
Squander: waste
Squelch: suppress; crush
Steadfastness: loyalty; firmness of purpose
Stifling: suppressing
Stipulated: insisted
Substantiate: give supporting evidence
Floridity: floweriness in language; redness
Foil: frustrate; battle; defeat
Formidable: inspiring awe; impressive and powerful difficulty
Foster: support; encourage
Foundered: sank; failed; stumbled
Fraudulent: crooked; intending to cheat
Frugal: economical; parsimony
Furtive: secretive
Futile: useless; waste of time and effort
Gestures: signals
Glacial: icy; unfriendly
Glutton: greedy; spearing in eating and drinking
Grating: harsh; rasping; irritating
Gratuitous: free; unwarranted
Vex: annoy
Vicarious: experience Indirectly; at secondhand
Vigilant: wary; watchful
Vindication: proving right; acquittal
Vindictive: seeking revenge
Viscous: thick and sticky
Volatile: evaporates easily; mercurial; easily angered; emotional
Voluminous: large; bulky; extensive
Vulnerable: open to attack; susceptible
Waning: declining
Warped: twisted; distorted
Wary: cautious
Wannow: sift; separate good from bad
Wistful: sad; yearning; longing in a thoughtful way
Wrath: anger
Subversive: intending to overthrow; seditious; split
Succulent: juicy
Supplant: replace; usurp
Supple: flexible; pliant; lithe
Surfeit: excess
Sustain: support; experience
Sycophant: toady; servile flatterer
Tactile: through the sense of touch
Tangential: off the point; irrelevant
Temper: moderate
Temperamental: volatile; changeable
Temporize: put off; procrastinate; delay
Tenacious: holding firmly to idea or purpose
Therapeutic: medicinal
Thwarted: prevented
Transitory: short-lived; not continuous
Teacly: too sweet; over sentimental
Tremulous: hesitant
Tribulation: trouble
Truculence: stubbornness
Undermine: weaken
Unequivocal: certain; undoubtful
Unwitting: not deliberated
Unyielding: not giving up
Vacillate: waver; hesitate
Validated: proved right
Valor: bravery
Venality: corruption
Versatility: ability to do many things
Petrify: 1. terilfy; 2. turn to stone
Receptacle: container; vessel; holder
Suffragist: someone who campaigns for voting rights
Weighty: serious
Belittle: to demean
Conspicuous: easily seen; prominent
Elucidate: make clear
Gravity: seriousness
Jargon: specialized language used by experts
Neologism: newly coined word
Petulant: sulky; peevish
Recluse: someone who cuts himself off from life
Supercilious: proud and haughty
Bellicose: war-like; aggressive
Consummate: complete; total; supremely good
Elusive: hard to pin down
Gregarious: extroverted; sociable; outgoing
Jaundiced: cynical; pessimistic
Nettle: annoy
Phenomenon: an event or happening (plural: phenomena)
Recuperate: get better after illness
Superlative: extremely good; the best
Whet: sharpen
Belligerent: aggressive; ready to fight
Contemporary: living or happening at the same time
Emaciated: very thin; withered
Gritty: coarse; granular
Jaunt: short pleasure trip
Niggardly: miserly; stingy
Vignette: small sketch
Atheist: person who does not believe In God
Colloquial: local and informal (used of language)
Dotard: foolish old man
Furrow: groove
Instigator: troublemaker; person who entices others to do something
Misnomer: wrong name
Percipient: perceptive; insightful
Quaff: drink down quickly
Staunch: loyal; faithful; dependable
Vilification: blackening someone’s name
Atrophy: waste away from lack of use
Collusion: plotting and planning
Drawl: speak slowly with words running together
Furtive: hidden and secret
Insurgent: a rebel
Misogynist: hater of women
Perdition: damnation
Quagmire: marsh; bog
Stereotype: fixed image
Vindicate: prove right; remove blame
Attenuate: weaken
Commandeer: take possession of
Drivel: nonsense
Futile: useless; hopeless
Interminable: never-ending
Misrepresentation: deliberately deceiving
Peremptory: in a commanding manner
Virtuoso: an accomplished musician
Spurious: false
Assuage: to calm
Cogitate: think over something; ponder
Docile: gentle and easily lead
Fraudulent: fake; false
Insentient: unfeeling
Milieu: environment
Pensive: in a thoughtful mood; thinking deeply
Purloin: steal
Stagnant: still; not moving
Vertigo: dizziness
Astute: perceptive; sharp-wltted
Collage: picture made from fragments of other pictures
Dogmatic: having stubbornly held opinions
Frivolous: not senous Insipid dull; bland; boring
Mire: swamp; muddy ground
Penury: poverty
Pusillanimous: cowardly
Staid: dull; sober; serious
Vestigial: not developed
Asylum: place of refuge or safety
Collate; arrange In order
Dolt: stupid person
Frugal: economical; not wasting anything
Instigate: to start; provoke
Misanthrope: hater of the rest of mankind
Perceptive: observant
Pyromania: compulsion to start fires
Stanza: section of a poem
Paucity: shortage
Protean: changeable
Sophomoric: juvenile; immature
Venal: corrupt; can be bribed
Archives: collections of old records; place of storage of old documents
Cliché: overused expression; something unoriginal
Disparage: criticize; belittle
Flustered: worked-up; not calm Ingrate ungrateful person
Mercenary: concerned only with money
Peccadillo: minor weakness; trivial offence
Protégé; person under protection of, or guided by another
Soporific: inducing sleep; sleep producer
Veneer; surface coating
Articulate: dear; lucid; eloquent
Clientele: customers
Dispanty: an inequality
Fly-by-night: unreliable; disreputable
Inimical: hostile
Mercurial: volatile; changeable
Pedant: person who Insists on strict adherence to rules or narrow learning
Protocol: procedure; code of behavior
Sparse: spare; bare, meager Venerate revere, worship
Artifice: deception; trickery
Coalesce: come together; merge
Dispassionate: neutral; objective
Forensic: concerned with argument or debate (esp. for legal evidence)
Innate: inherited; inborn
Merge: come together
Pedestrian: common; mundane; banal
Matriarchy: society governed by women
Parsimonious: economical; frugal; thrifty
Proponents: promoters; supporters
Vacuous: empty; silly; meaningless
Apprehensive: worried; fearful
Circumspect: cautious; considenng all sides
Discordancy: cacophony; harshness; jarring
Fitful: not continuous; stopping and starting
Inexorable: relentless
Maverick: a loner
Parsimony: stinginess; frugality; cost-cutting
Prosaic: dull; boring; ordinary
Vagrant: person wandering without a home
Arable: can be cultivated
Circumvent: avoid
Discrepancy: something which does not match up; Inconsistency
Flagrant: clearly wrong
Inexpedient: not advisable
Meager: in short supply
Partisan: biased; one-sided; committed to one group
Proscribe: forbid
Solace: comfort for grief
Vapid: dull; uninspiring
Arbitrary: random; for no definite reason
Clairvoyant: psychic; mystic
Discriminate: to make a clear distinction; see the difference
Flamboyant: showy; ornate Infallible perfect; flawless; cannot make
Meander:: wander from side to side
Provincial: unsophisticated; narrow-minded
Specious: false
Venial: minor; unimportant
Artisan: craftsman
Coddle: pamper; fuss over; indulge
Disseminating: circulating; broadcasting; spreading (information)
Fortitude: bravery Innocuous harmless; inoffensive
Metaphorically: symbolically; figuratively Peerless without equal
Prudent: cautious; wise
Speckled: spotted; freckled; dotted
Veracity: truthfulness
Ascetic: without luxuries; severely simple
Coercion: force
Diurnal: active in daytime
Fortuitous: happening by chance
Innovate: create; introduce something new
Meticulous: very careful; painstaking
Pejorative: derogatory
Puerile: childish
Sporadic: not continuous; intermittent
Verbose: talkative; long-winded; rambling
Assiduous: thorough; diligent
Cogent: lucid; well argued
Divert: 1. entertain; 2. distract; 3. cause a detour
Fractious: irritable; difficult to control
Inscrutable: mysterious; Impenetrable
Mettle: courage; bravery; valor
Pellucid: transparently clear
Punctilious: paying attention to small details
Marsupial: pouched mammal (like a kangaroo)
Parochial: narrow-minded; concerned only with local matters
Skeptical: doubting; not gullible
Utilitarian: useful
Apathy: lack of interest or emotion
Circuitous: indirect; roundabout (circuitous statement)
Disapprobation: disapproval
Fervor: passion; enthusiasm; zeal
Inept: incompetent; unskilled; useless
Martinet: person who believes In strict discipline
Parody: a mockery; Imitation for ridicule; spoof
Proletarian: member of the working class
Skirmish: minor battle
Utopian: a believer in an ideal world
Apocryphal: of doubtful origin; not original
Circumlocution: using too many words; long-windedness
Discern: to distinguish one thing from another
Fickle: unpredictable; whimsical; easily swayed
Inertia: inactivity; lethargy
Masochist: person who intentionally inflicts pain on himself
Parry: ward off; avoid
Prolific: producing a lot
Sluggard: slow-moving; lethargic person
Vacillate: waver; hesitate
Appease: pacify; soothe; calm down; make peace with
Circumscribe: limit
Discord: disagreement
Finesse: skill
Inevitable: cannot be avoided
Prodigious: very large
Serendipity: fortunate coincidence; unsought discovery
Uproarious: hilarious; hysterical; very funny
Dilettante: person who dabbles in a subject without serious study
Inductee: novice; beginner
Manipulatable: influencable; controllable
Profane: unholy
Serene: calm; peaceful
Upshot: outcome
Diligent: hard-working
Feasible: possible and practicable
Indulgent: pampenng; satisfying desires
Marred: damaged; spoiled
Pariah: an outcast from society
Urbane: sophisticated; suave; refined
Antiquated: outdated; old fashioned
Choleric: easity angered
Diorama: model of a scene
Fecund: fertile Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
Marshal: to gather together
Parity: equality
Profound: having deep meaning
Servile: overly submissive, groveling
Usurp: take someone’s position (usually by force)
Apathetic: indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
Chronicler: person who records historical information
Dirge: mournful song
Felicitous: apt
Ineffable: cannot be expressed in words
Analgesic: medicine to combat pain
Caucus: type of private political meeting
Deteriorate: worsen; decline
Exposition: dear explanation
Incessant: without stopping
Maelstrom: whirlpool; storm in the ocean
Prerogative: right or privilege
Savant: person with knowledge
Unctuous: oily; using excessive flattery
Analogous: comparable
Caustic: burning
Detrimental: harmful
Extol: praise
Incipient: just beginning
Magnanimous: generous; big-hearted
Prescient: having fore-knowledge
Scale: to climb
Undermined: damaged; attacked
Anarchy: chaos; lack of government
Devoured: greedily eaten/consumed
Extradite: deport from one country back to the home country
Inclination: tendency; a leaning toward
Palliative: a remedy that improves but doesn’t cure
Presentiment: a feeling that something might happen
Scapegoat: person on whom blame is placed for faults of others
Underscore: emphasize
Dexterous: skillful with hands
Extraneous: irrelevant
Incoherent: not dear
Maladroit: clumsy; unskillful
Pallid: pale
Presumptuous: assuming too much; arrogant
Scrupulous: careful; dihgent; painstaking
Unequivocal: dear; obvious
Animosity: hatred; antagonism
Censorious: disapproving; critical
Dichotomy: a division into two parts
Extrapolate: extend0 predict on the basis of known data
Incongruous: not fitting in; out of place
Malady: illness
Palpable: easily felt; easily perceived
Pretentious: pompous; self-important
Scrutinize: examine carefully
Unfetter: set free
Censure: blame; criticize
Extrinsic: Irrelevant; on the outside
Inconsequential: unimportant; insignificant; negligible
Malediction: a curse Panacea remedy for all ills
Prevaricate: speak misleadingly and evasively
Cerebral: intellectual
Diffident: lacking confidence
Fallacious: false
Inconspicuous: not easily seen; subtle; not noticeable
Malefactor: a wrong-doer
Paradigm: 1. example; 2. model; 3. way of looking at things
Pristine unspoiled
Unprecedented: never having happened before
Anomaly: something which does not fit In a pattern; Irregularity
Certitude: certainty
Digress: wander off the subject
Falter: hesitate; waver
Indelible: cannot be wiped out
Malinger: deliberately avoid work; shirk
Paradox: apparently contradictory statement
Sensuous: appealing to the senses
Unscathed: unharmed; intact; without a scratch
Antagonism: hostility; strong opposition
Charlatan: trickster who daims knowledge he doesn’t have
Indifferent: 1. neutral; 2. not outstanding
Malingerer: person who deliberately tries to avoid work
Paragon: a perfect example
Procrastinate: delay; put off
Unwitting: not deliberate; unconscious
Antagonistic: opposed; hostile; aggressive
Chary: watchful; wary of; cautious about; reluctant to give
Dilatory: slow; falling behind with one’s work
Fanaticism: passion; excessive devotion
Indigenous: native to a particular area
Malleable: flexible; can be shaped
Paramount: of supreme importance
Prodigal: wasteful; extravagant
Sequester; isolate
Upbraid: scold; tell off; reprimand
Antediluvian: outdated; prehistoric; very old-fashioned
Dilemma: puzzling situation
Fastidious: overly particular; finicky
Indolence: laziness
Sanction: give approval to
Turpitude: depravity
Amiable: friendly; lovable
Cartographer: person who makes maps
Despondent: having no hope; miserable
Expatriate: refugee; emigrant; someone living away from his own country
Inadvertent: not intentional
Luscious: juicy; moist; succulent
Oust: push out of a position
Predecessor: one who came before
Sanguinary: bloodthirsty; bloody
Tyro: novice; beginner
Amity: friendship
Castigate: scold strongly
Destitution: hardship; poverty; misery
Expedient: convenient; practical
Lynch: assassinate; kill; illegal hanging
Overt: obvious; not hidden
Predicament: dilemma; difficult situation
Sanguine: optimistic; ctieerful
Ubiquitous: found everywhere; omnipresent
Amorphous; lacking In shape
Deter: put off; prevent
Expedite: make faster
Incarceration: putting in prison
Machinations: plots and plans
Preeminent: famous; outstanding
Sardonic: mocking
Unalloyed: undiluted; total
Lucid: clear
Ornate: highly decorated
Salubrious: health-giving
Truant: shirker; someone absent without permission
Ambulatory: able to walk around (used of hospital patients)
Capacious: spacious
Desecrate: to damage or pollute a holy place
Exhaustive: complete and thorough Impious wicked; profane
Ludicrous: fldiculous; silly
Orthodox: conventional
Precipitous: done in a hurry
Salutary: something which teaches you a lesson; beneficial
Truncate: cut short
Ameliorate: make better
Capitulate: surrender; give In to
Exonerates: acquits; absolves; removes blame
Impoverished: destitute, pr
Ossify: 1. turn to bone; 2. become fixed and rigid
Preclude: prevent or make impossible
Sanctimonious: hypocritically holy
Tumult: uproar; noise
Amelioration: improvement
Carping: constant criticism; finding faults
Desist: stop; discontinue; cease
Exorcism: getting free/rid of; eliminating (especially demons)
Impromptu: unrehearsed; spontaneous
Lummox: clumsy person
Ostentatious: showy
Precocious: developing early
Depravity: moral corruption
Execrable: very, very bad
Immoderate: excessive; extreme
Lofty: snooty; arrogant; haughty
Opaque: does not let light through
Precedent: a previous occurrence used as a guide
Sage: a wise person; person celebrated for wisdom
Trinket: something of little value; knAck-knack
Ambiguity: uncertainty; vagueness
Candid: frank; honest
Deprecate: criticize; denounce
Immutable: unchanging; permanent
Longevity: long life
Opulent: wealthy; rich; magnificent
Precept: guiding principle
Salacious: lecherous; erotic
Trite: unoriginal; dull
Ambiguous: unclear In meaning; can be interpreted in different ways
Candor: frankness; openness
Deride: ridicule; make fun of; mock
Exemplary: outstandingly good; setting a fine example
Impartial: unbiased; neutral
Loquacious: talkative
Sallow: yellowish
Trivial: unimportant
Ambivalence: lack of clarity; wavering; being undecided
Cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
Exemplify: to serve as a good example
Impecunious: having no money
Brusque: blunt; abrupt
Espouse: promote; take up; support
Hone: sharpen; increase; whet
Lax: careless; not strict
Obviate: avoid; make unnecessary
Poseur: someone who puts on an act
Riddled: full of (usually full of holes)
Torpid: inactive; lazy; stagnant
Defunct: no longer In existence
Etymology: the study of word origins
Legend: 1. key to map; 2. myth or story
Odious: hateful Posterity future generations
Rife: common
Torpor: dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
Affable: friendly; social; easygoing
Bureaucracy: officialdom
Degradation: deprivation; poverty; debasement
Eulogy: praise
Hypochondriac: a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
Legion: in large numbers
Officious: domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
Posthumous: after death
Rigor: thoroughness
Totter: walk unsteadily
Alacrity: eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
Deleterious: harmful
Euphemism: a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Hypocritical: insincere
Lethargic tired; without energy
Ogle: stare at; observe in an obvious manner
Robust: strong; healthy; tough
Tractable: obedient; dutiful; polite
Deliberate: to think over deeply
Euphony: pleasant sounds
Iconoclast: person who opposes orthodoxy
Levity: flippancy; joking about serious matters; lightness
Olfactory: concerned with the sense of smell
Alibi: an excuse that shows someone was not at a crime scene
Buttress: strengthen; support
Delineation: demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
Evacuate: vacate; empty; abandon
Idiosyncrasy: a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual
Libertarian: someone who opposes tyranny
Ominous: threatening
Potent: powerful; compelling; strong
Ruminate: think over something; ponder
Transcribe: copy
Allay: to lessen
Byline: the line that tells you who wrote an article
Demur: hesitate; refuse
Exacerbate: make worse
Ignominious: shameful
Omnipotent: all-powerful
Pragmatic: practical Ruse trick; stratagem
Transgress: go astray; disobey; commit a sin
Alleviate: make less severe
Cacophony: discordant loud noises
Denounce: condemn; speak out against
Exasperated: frustrated; annoyed
Ignominy: shame [ignominious (a) — shameful]
Lithe: flexible; supple
Omniscient: all-knowing
Pragmatist: practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
Saccharin: falsely sweet
Transient: short-lived; ephemeral
Aloof: distant; detached; cold
Cajole: coax; wheedle; decieve by flattery
Deplete: use up; lessen
Exceptionable: very bad (something which we should object to)
Illuminate: to light up or make dear
Livid: very angry
Onerous: burdensome; hard to undertake
Preamble: introductory material
Sacrosanct: very holy; inviolable
Traverse: to move across
Altruism: putting others fIrst; being self-sacrificing
Deplore: regret
Exculpate: free someone from blame; pardon; acquit
Illusory: deceptive; false; misleading
Lobbyist: person who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause
Onus: burden
Precarious: unstable; risky
Sagacious: wise
Trepidation: fear
Amass: accumulate
Callow: immature
Lackluster: dull; monotonous; bland
Objective: unbiased; not subjective
Pliable: flexible; not stubborn
Rescind: retract; repeal
Temper: to moderate; soften
Abstruse: difficult to understand; obscure
Cringe: recoil; flinch; shy away
Envenom: to cause bitterness and bad feeling
Hedonism: setf indulgence; pleasure-seeking
Laconic: using few words; brief; to the point
Oblique: indirect; slanting
Tenacious: stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
Accolade: tribute; honor; praise
Bolster: support; prop up
Cryptic: puzzling; enigmatic
Ephemeral: short-lived
Lamentation: expression of regret or sorrow
Obliterate: destroy; demolish; eradicate
Plummet: fall suddenly and steeply
Resolution: determination
Tentative: not certain
Acquiesce: to agree to; give in to
Bombast: arrogant, pompous language
Curtail: cut short
Heed: listen to
Lampoon: ridicule; spoof
Oblivious: totally unaware
Pod i urn: raised platform
Resonant: echoing
Ponderous: weighty; slow and heavy
Retention: preservation; withholding
Timorous: cowardly; fearful
Adroit: skilful Brevity being brief
Decorum: dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]
Err: make a mistake
Hinder: obstruct
Largess: generosity
Obsolete: no longer valid
Reticent: restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
Tirade: stream of verbal abuse
Adulation: strong admiration; worship
Bristle: to show irritation
Erratic: wandering; irregular
Histrionic: theatrical; exaggerated
Laud: praise
Portend: foretell
Retraction: withdrawal; cancellation of a statement
Titter: giggle quietly
Adversity: hardship
Broach: start to discuss; approach
Deference: respect
Esoteric: obscure and difficult to understand
Hoary: old; white with old age
Lavish: on a grand scale; wasteful
Obtuse: mentally dull
Portent: a warning sign; omen
Revere: worship
Advocate: support
Tenuous: flimsy; not solid
Acrid sharp; pungent (used of smells and tastes) Boorish ill-mannered
Cynical believing that people act only out of selfish motives
Heresy against orthodox opinion
Obscure difficult to understand; partially hidden Poignant deeply moving;
strongly affecting the emotions Respite a break; intermission Terse concis
to the point
Debility weakness; incapacity
Hiatus Interruption; pause
Languid tired; slow
Obscured: hidden; covered; buried
Poised: calm; collected; self-possessed
Resplendent: shining; glowing
Therapeutic: medicinal; curative
Acuity: sharpness (mental or visual)
Braggart: someone who boasts
Debunking: exposing false claims or myths
Hidebound: rigid in opinions
Languish: decay; fade away; get weaker
Obsequious: servile; submissive
Polemical: causing debate or argument
Restorative: a tonic
Thwart: prevent; frustrate
Adamant: forceful; inflexible
Brawny: muscular
Equivocate: speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Hieroglyphics: 1. picture writing; 2. writing which is difficult to read or
Larceny: theft; robbery; Stealing

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