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PPSC Solved Test 2017 of Punjab Police

PPSC Solved Test 2017 of Punjab Police

1. zakat 7.5 tola sona 52.5 tola chandi
2. SCO last summit in Astana Kazakhstan
3. Car in front is slow.
4. Largest gulf is gulf of Mexico
5. Conjecture meaning to guess
6. UN body for children rights UNICEF
7. EU headquarters Brussels
8. BRICS Members Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
9. Not directly related to UN ILO
10. Kilimanjaro in Africa
11. Idiom talk through one’s hat idioms Talking Nonsense
12. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a story of all ages
13. which is not related to disarmament NATO
14. Al Hadi means The Guider
15. Ayat ul Qursi come in Al Baqarah
16. Prophet’s Name Ahmed come in Surah Saff
17. Israel is name of Yaqoob A.S
18. Baitul Ma’mur is in gate 7
19. Nonchalant antonym excited
20. WTO headquarter Geneva
21. Rafael Nadal is player of Tennis
22. T20 world cup 2016 won by West Indies
23. President of France Emmanuel Macron
24. Most abundant element Oxygen
25. Idiom to be at loggerheads means to be in strong
26. urdu Fatah ka mutradif zafar
27. Urdu AIlama lqbal ki shairi ka akhaz Saqi nama
28. Urdu Konse shair ko bachon ka shair kaha jata hai? Ismail
29. Select the odd one out 41, 43, 47, 53, 61, 71, 73, 81?
Answer 81 not a prime number
30. select the odd one out. 10 25 45 54 60 75 80. 54
31. A zoo has some lions and parrots? 10 lions
32. 1 mectric tons, = 1000 kg
33. earth is tilted to what angle 23.5
34. where Indian ocean and Atlantic ocean meet. Cape Aghulas
35. prince state other than Kashmir. iunagarh
36. Mindanao island seeking freedom. Philippines
37. which country was not member of OPEC. UK
38. which country first recognize Pakistan. Iran
39. Pakistan first constituent assembly meeting. 11 august,
40. 2005 earthquake. 8 October
41. 1988 prominent incident. Zia-ul-Haq Plane Crash
43. Who withdrew from Baghdad pact 1959 IRAQ
44. Diamir Bhasha dam location. Gilgit-Baltistan
45. Who interfered between pak India at Tashkent. Iraq
46. First finance minister. Ghulam Muhammad.
47. who was not president in ww2. Mussolini
48. Liaqat Au khan assassinated in 1951.
49. URDU Risala Tehzeeb ul ikhlaq by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
50. who was not assassinated. Jawahar Lal Nehru
51. first gas discovered in Pakistan. 1952
52. Who was appointed for distribution of army in 1947? “A”
option name
not remembered
53. Who introduced caste system in sub continent? Aryans
54. economic and social commission for asia and the pacific
headquarter? bangkok
55. Pakistan’s greatest exports. textiles
56. cakes 2/8 portion eaten? %
57. 27 ka 2/9 are rotten. 21 are good apples.
58. Gomal university. Dera Ismail khan
59. Centre of Gandhara civilization? Taxila
60. 3.29 x 1000= 3290
61. URDU Correction ناراضگی
62ضربلمثل:نہ نو من تیل ہو گا نہ رادھا ناچے گی۔ٖ
63. (2 power 2) power 3 = 64
64. She got ill — Fever? with
65. I got angry — the way they reacted. on
66. Tokoyo Exchange Nippon
67. The myth of freedom by, Zulfiqar Au Bhuto
68. Father of computer. Charles Babbage
69. Year of Sorrow. 10th Nabvi
70. Which milk has less composition of Fat. Skimmed
71بیڑا اتھانا:کسی مشکل کام کرنے کی ذمہ داری لینا۔
72. تحریر الحرار
73. Truth is Stronger than Fiction
74. Cataclysm. Catastrophe
75. Economy. Extravagance
76. Rann of kutch . Tharparkar option
77. Who resigned from Rowalat act. Quid e Azam
78. FTP stands for. File transfer protocol
79. Who discovered penicillin . Alexander Fleming
80. How spelling mistakes are corrected. Auto Correct
81. How to find a similar word. Find/Replace
82. He have flue with a — and —. Legitimate, Aberration
83. Shahjahan Build. Shalimar Garden
84. First Radio Station after independence. Karachi
85. Bangle Annulment. 1911
86. 100 Wickets taker Woman Bowler. Sana Mir
87. Assassination of Liaquat, Ali Khan 1951

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