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10th Physics Notes Chapter 2 Sound

10th Physics Notes Chapter 2 Sound
Here we have shared physics notes class 10 unit 13 Sound. Do check the 10th Physics Notes Chapter 2 Sound pdf download ebook online.

1. Of what kind sound waves are produced by tuning fork?
Ans. With the vibration of tuning fork compressional waves are produced, because it vibrate
about its mean position.
2. How sound is produced in laboratory?
Ans. Sound is produced in laboratory with the tuning fork by striking it to the rubber pad due to which vibrations are produced and sound is generated due to vibrations.
3. Define Compression.
Ans. When the prongs of tuning fork move right and exert pressure on the layer of air. This pressure due to which air particles are compressed is called compression
13. What is audible frequency range? G-2007
Ans. We can hear the sound of frequency lying between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This is called audible frequency range
14. What is meant by ultrasonic? Give its two uses.
Ans. The sound waves which have frequency more than 20,000 Hz is called ultrasonic.
(1) It helps us in industry to find cracks in machinery
(2) Depth of an ocean can also be measured by using ultrasonic.
15. How can we find speed of sound? Write its formula.
Ans. With the help of resonance tube we can determine the speed of sound. The formula use to calculate speed of sound is v =  .
16. How you can explain that greater the surface area greater is sound?
Ans. Greater the surface area of vibrating body greater is the sound produced. For example the bell of school has greater area, so its sound is louder while the bell used in home has less area so fainter sound is produced.
17. Write about the hearing process.
Ans. Sound is accepted by external ear and sends it to the eardrum. Oval window accept these vibration and send it to the cochlea in the inner ear, from here these waves are sent to brain through auditory nerves.
18. What is meant by resonance?
Ans. The phenomena in which there is remarkable increase in amplitude and hence loudness of the sound when the frequency of air column becomes equal to that tuning fork is called resonance
19. What is silent whistle?
Ans. Some people use silent whistle to call dogs whose frequency lies between 20.000 Hz to
25.000 Hz. It is silent for human but not for dogs because their audible frequency range is much more than humans audible frequency range
20 Name three parts of human ear. G 1/2016)
Ans i) Outer ear
ii) Middle ear
iii) Inner ear

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