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10th Physics Notes Chapter 1 Wave Motion

10th Physics Notes Chapter 1 Wave Motion
Looking for the notes of physics unit 12 Wave Motion class 10? Here we have shared the
10th Physics Notes Chapter 1 Wave Motion. download pdf ebook or read online.

1. Define vibratory motion. Give condition of vibratory motion.
 Ans The to and fro motion of a body around its mean position is called vibratory motion, and the particle of the medium does not change their place. These are some conditions for vibratory motion. The motion is under the action of some restoring force Vibratory motion repeats itself after regular intervals of time it satisfies law of conservation of energy.
 2. Define simple hair do about its mean position motion.
 Ans The acceleration of the body executing S.HM is directly proportional to the displacement from the mean position and always directed towards the mean position 3. Write the properties of simple harmonic motion.
 Ans. i) A body always vibrate about its mean position
 Acceleration is always directed towards mean position.
 The Acceleration is directly proportional To the displacement and as a mean position and a is maximum t extreme position. TV Is maximum at man position and the prison
 4. What is meant by time period?
 Ans. Time required to complete cone mound a tion is called time period
5. What are mechanical Waves?
 Ans. The waves which require some medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves, For example sound Waves water string waves
 7. Define crest and trough of a wave
 Ans. Crest The point at which particle of a medium an above the normal position
Trough: The point at which particle of the medium are below the normal position.
 8. What is frequency? Write its unit.
Ans. The number of waves passing through a point in one second is called frequency. Its unit 10. is cycle per Sec. Hertz (Hz) or vib/sec.
 9. Define Hooke's law.
Ans. The force applied on the spring directly is proportional to the increase in length is called 13. Hooke's law i.r. De 0X
10. What is meant by amplitude?
Ans. The maximum displacement from mean position to extreme position durning vibratory 16. motion is called amplitude.
11. What are electromagnetic waves? Give examples
 Ans. The waves which do not require any medium for their propagation is called electromagnetic waves Example is radio waves. Heat. Television waves
12. Define compressional waves.
Ans. The waves in which particles of the medium vibrate parallel to direction of propagation 22. of waves are called compressional waves.
13. What is reflection?
Ans. The bouncing back of water waves after taking the burden is called reflection of waves and also obeys the laws of reflection of light.
14. Define refraction.
Ans. When a ray of light caters from one transparent medium to another transparent medium it bends away from its path the bending of waves from the incident path is called refraction.
15. Define diffraction.
Ans. The bending of waves around the corner or hurdles is called diffraction.
16. What is meant by interference?
Ans. When the particles of the medium are subjected to two waves simultaneously the phenomenon takes place is called interference.
 17. Define constructive interference.
Ans The interference in which crest of one wave fall on the crest of other wave or trough of  one fall on the trough of other wave. This is called constructive interference.
18. What is meant by destructive interference?
 Ans. The phenomenon in which crest of one wave falls on the trough of other wave, they cancel the each other effect and as a result surface of the medium remains undisturbed is called destructive interference.
 19. Define stationary waves.
 Ans. When two identical waves pass through a medium along the same line in opposite direction then stationary waves are produced at certain Frequency.
20. Give an example, which explain that energy is transferred through waves.
 Ans. Example of such waves is sound waves i.e. sound energy is transferred from one medium to another medium in the form of waves.

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