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10th Biology Chapter 4 Support and Movement Notes

10th Biology Chapter 4 Support and Movement Notes

10th Biology Chapter 4 Support and Movement Notes

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Q.No. 1 Why organisms need support?
 The organisms with greater sizes need support to keep their body mass as one unit. This is particularly true for organisms that live on land.
 Q. No. 2 What is movement?
 The act of changing place or position by entire body or its parts of an organism is called movement.
 Types of movement:
 There are two types of movement:
 Movements of body parts
 Q.No. 3 Define locomotion.
 The movement of an animal as a whole from one place to another is called locomotion
Q. No. 4 Define skeleton.
 The framework of hard articulated structures that provides physical support, attachment for skeletal muscles and protection for the bodies of animals is called skeleton.
 Q. No. 5 What are the advantages of skeleton? Or What does skeleton provide?
 ADVANTAGES OF SKELETONThe skeleton provides Physical support
 Attachment for skeletal muscles
 Protection for the bodies of animals
Q. No. 7 What is the role of skeletal system?
 The big functions of the skeletal system are Protection:
 Skeleton provides protection to many internal organs. For example: Skull protects brain
 Vertebral column protects spinal cord
 Ribs protect most of the internal organs Support:
 Vertebral column provides the main support to the body mass Movements:
 In our body, skeleton works very closely with the muscular system to help us move.
 Q. No. 8 What are tendons and ligaments?
 Tendons and ligaments are a type of connective tissues that contain tightly packed collagen fibres
 Q. No. 9 How many bones are present in a baby and an adult?
 The babies are born with about 300 soft bones. Some of these bones later fuse together so that the adult skeleton has 206 hard bones 
Q. No. 10 What is the contribution of Andreas Vesalius!
 Place of Birth: He was born in Brussels, Belgium.
 He is honoured for developing modern anatomical studies. He made many discoveries in anatomy, based on studies made by dissection of human dead bodies.
 Book Contents:
 His book contained the most accurate depictions of the whole skeleton and muscles of the human body.
 Q. No. 11 Which one is the longest bone in the body?
 The thigh bone is the longest bone in the body 
Q. No.12 Discuss the evolution of car bones and jaws in mammals.
 EVOLUTION OF EAR BONES AND JAWS IN MAMMALS The upper jaw is fixed with the skull and is composed of two bones. The lower jaw is mobile and articulates with the skull In lower vertebrates the lower jaw is made up of more than onc bone while in mammals, it is made up of single bone
During evolution, mammals modificd the lower jaw bones and incorporated four of them into the middle ear in the form of malleus and incus in both ears). This adaptation proved beneficial for mammals. Lower jaw with single bone is stronger and the malleus and incus also improve hearing
 Q.No. 13 What do you know about the movement of neck joint?
 The neck joint between vertebral column and head allows movements side to side.
 Q.No. 14 Can muscles push?
 No, muscles can not push. The muscles can only pull or contract Q.No. 15 Write some activities that require combined action of several muscles.
 Most activities in our body require combined action of several muscles, like: Walking
 Q.No. 16 Why incidence of osteoporosis is more common in old females?
 It is one of the functions of estrogen to deposit minerals in bones In old age, when the reproductive cycle stops in females, not enough estrogen is secreted.
 Q.No. 17 Which point of attachment is pulled when a muscle contracts?
 Insertion is pulled when a muscle contracts 

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