Monday 5 June 2017

Which Fruits Daily Use In Ramzan And Benefit Of Those Fruits

☆ Benefits Of Pomegranate ☆

Maintains blood sugar levels 
Maintains blood pressure 
Large amount of Vitamin C & Potassium 
Boosts immunity
Prevents anemia
A natural aspirin 

☆ Benefits Of KHUBANI ☆

It is full of vitamins
It brings freshness to face 
Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Iron help keep the skin healthy
Calcium helps keep the bones strong 
It Helps increase the amount of blood 
It Contain potassium and fiber which are great for heart.

☆ Benefits Of Figs ☆

Prevents high blood pressure
Regulate sugar absorption in diabetes Prevents constipation  & eliminates diarrhoea 
Abvoids swelling in kidneys 
Extremely healthy for liver
Fights against cancer

☆ Benefits Of Orange ☆

Helps prevent cancer
Lowers Cholesterol 
Helps boost heart health
Fight against viral infection 
Keeps skin and face fresh
Helps create good vision

☆ Benefits Of Grapes ☆

Its regular usage is good for eyes 
Grapes help control blood pressure 
The larger ones with seeds make munoqqa
Grapes contain potassium and fiber 
which are great for heart
Grapes are dried to make Raisin
It Contain high amount of vitamin, Vitamin B2 and Copper

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