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2nd Year (12th class) Pak Studies Guess Paper Solved 2021

2nd Year (12th class) Pak Studies Guess Paper Solved 2021
Looking for the class 12 Pakistan Studies Guess Paper 2021 solved and important definitions and short and long Questions? Here are the 2nd Year (12th class) Pak Studies Guess Paper Solved 2021 pdf download or read online.
1: 1973 ky dastor ki ahm islami dafat
2: Majlis sohra ky ahm faraiz
3: 3 june 1947 ky mansuby ky ahm nuqat
4: pak ki kharja policy ky bunyadi asool
5: pak aur bharat taluqat
6: pak ki kharja policy ky rehnuma asool
7: pak ka mehal e waqu ki ahmiyat
8: maashi adam tawazun ky ahm asbab
 9:Hazrat Umer (R.A)  ky dour ki intazamia ki khasusiyat
10: pak ki sakafat ki numayan khasusiyat
11: pak mein qomi rabty ki zuban urdu ko kun kha gia
12: pak ky qomi masail1) adm yak jehti2) santi o taleemi masail
13: santi taraki ki rah mein hail rukawatein aur taraki ko brhany ky iqdamat
14: qiyam pak mein qoam ko ibtadai koi sy 3 masail ki wazahat
1) tehreek khilafat 2) aligarh 3) 14 nukat.

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