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FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 17 Important Short and Long Questions Notes

FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 17 Important Short and Long Questions Notes
Looking for the Important Short and long questions of 2nd year Biology Chapter 17 Coordination and Control? Here are the FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 17 Important Short and Long Questions Notes.
Important Short Questions of chapter 17 Coordination and Control
1. How do the plants differ from animals and their coordination?
2. Differ between etiolated and chlorosis?
3. What is the difference between calluses and galls?
4. Define circadian and circannual rhythms?
5. What is the commercial application of auxins?
6. Define receptors and its types?
7. What are neurolgia?
8. What are effecters and how they respond?
9. Define reflex arc?
10. Define resting mentrane potiential?
ii. Define active mentrane potiential?
12. What is synapes?
13. What are neurotransmeters with
14. Differ between ganglia and nerves?
15. What are ceribral and crenial nerves?
16. Define sympathetic system?
17. Define parasympethetc system?
18. What is parkinsons disease?
19. What is epdepsy?
20. What is Aizumer’s disease?
21. What is the action of nicotine?
22. Define hormones and its properties?
23. What is the effect low and high concentration of perathyroid
24. Define kineses?
25. What is reflexes and instincts?
26. Define impinting with example?
27. Define habituation with example?
28. Differentiate between latent and insight learning?
29. What is the difference between CNS and PNS?
30. What are the function of paratyroid glands?
31. Define the terms of hormones?
32. List different types of topsin?
Important Long Questions of Chapter 17 Coordination and Control
1. Write plant hormones and its types in details?
2. What are neurons and define structure and function of
different types of neurons?
3. Describe resting membrane potential in detail?
4. Describe active membrane potential in detail?
5. Define synapse?what are its functions?
6. Write a note on brain?
7. Write down the structure and function of human spinal cord’
8. Write down the learning behavior and its types in detail?

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