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FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 16 Important Short and Long Questions Notes

FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 16 Important Short and Long Questions Notes
Looking for the Important Short and long questions of 2nd year Biology Chapter 16 Support and Movement? Here are the FSc 2nd Year Biology Chapter 16 Important Short and Long Questions Notes.
Important Short Questions of Chapter 16 Support and Movement
1. Define turgor pressure?
2. Define secondary growth?
3. Differentiate between sapwood and heariwood?
4. Differentiate between autonomic movements and peratonic movements?
5. What are phototatic movements and chemotatic movements?
6. What are sleep movements?
7. What are rapid movement of
leaflets and give an exerrple?
8. Differentiate between epinasty hyponasty and nutation?
9. Define phototropism
with example?
10. Define thigmodropism with example?
ii. Define chemotropism with example?
12. Define hydrotopism with example?
13. Define geotropism with example?
14. Define nyctinasty with example?
15. Define photonasty with example?
16. Define thermoonasty with example?
17. Define hyponasty with example?
18. Differentiate between endotherm and ectotherms?
19. What is ecdysis or molting?
20. Write some major functions of some skeleton muscles?
21. Define cartilage and its types?
22. Write the names of unpaired and paired bones of crenium?
23. Write the names of unpaired and paired facial bones?
24. What are synovial joints and describe its types?
25. Differentiate between microcephaly,arthntus and osteoarthntis?
26. Define rickets,its causes and how it can be treated?
27. What is hematoma formation?
28. Define remolding?
29. Define secromere?
30. Differentiate between tropomayosin and toponin?
31. What is rigor mortis?
32. Differentiate between tetney and term tetnus?
33. What are the causes of cramps?
34. Differentiate between origin and insertion?
35. Differentiate between ligament and tendons?
36. What is antagonastic?
37. Diffrentiate between branchialis and
38. Differ between effective stock and recovery stock?
39. What is jet propulsion?
40. What is passive and active flight?
41. What are plantigrade,digitigrade and ungligrade animals?
42. How inside fatige is produce?
43. Differ between axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton?
44. Differ between phototatic and chemotatic moments?
45. Differentiate between ostiosyts and osteoblast?
46. Differ between brachialis and brachioradialis?
47. What is origin and insertion?
48. Differ between bone and cartilage?
49. What is troponin and tropomiysin?
Important Long Questions of Chapter 16 support and Movement
1. Write the significance of secondary growth?
2. Movement in plants and its both types in detail?
3. Describe axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton?
4. Write a note on repairing of broken bones?
5. Locomotion in mammals?

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