Tuesday 24 October 2023

1st Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2024 - 11th class

1st Year/11th Biology Pairing Scheme 2020 - Inter Combination
Looking for the inter part 1 biology pairing scheme 2024? Here is the FSc 1st Year/11th Biology Pairing Scheme/Assessment Scheme.
Are you in search of the Inter Part 1 Biology pairing scheme for the academic year 2024? Look no further! We've got the comprehensive FSc 1st Year/11th Biology Pairing Scheme/Assessment Scheme right here


For students of Intermediate Part 1 studying Biology, understanding the pairing scheme is essential. The pairing scheme provides a roadmap to focus on specific chapters and topics while preparing for exams. Here's a breakdown of the Inter Part 1 Biology pairing scheme for the academic year 2024.

Inter-l Pairing Scheme (Biology) for academic year 2023

(For Lhr,Guj,Mtn,Shw,Bwp,Sgd,Rwp,Fsd,Dgk)

MCQs are an important part of Biology exams. They test your knowledge of key concepts in various chapters. Here's the MCQ pairing scheme for selected chapters:
chapter 1 1 MCQs
chapter 2 1 MCQs
chapter 3 1 MCQ
chapter 4 1 MCQ
chapter 5 1 MCQs
chapter 6 1 MCQ
chapter 7 1 MCQs
chapter 8 1 MCQs
chapter 9 1 MCQs
chapter 10 2 MCQs
chapter 11 2 MCQs
chapter 12 1 MCQs
chapter 13 1 MCQs
chapter 14 2 MCQs
Short Questions Section Question# 2
Chapter 2 1 Questions
Chapter 3 3 Questions
Chapter 8 2 Questions
Chapter 10 4 Questions
Chapter 11 2 Questions
Question# 3
Chapter 1 2 Questions
Chapter 4 2 Questions
Chapter 7 4 Questions
Chapter 9 2 Questions
Chapter 14 2 Questions
Question# 4
Chapter 5 1 Questions
Chapter 6 1 Questions
Chapter 12 3 Questions
Chapter 13 4 Questions
Long Questions
Question 5 (a) Chapter 1; (b) Chapter 14
Question 6 (a) Chapter 2 ; (b) Chapter 8
Question 7 (a) Chapter 6 ; (b) Chapter 9
Question 8 (a) Chapter 5 ; (b) Chapter 11
Question 9 (a) Chapter 4 ; (b) Chapter 12

Conclusion: Understanding the pairing scheme is a valuable tool for preparing for your Inter Part 1 Biology exams. Use this scheme as a guide to focus your efforts on specific chapters and topics. Remember that comprehensive preparation and a clear understanding of concepts are key to excelling in your exams. Good luck with your studies!

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