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ECAT Physics Sample Test preparation 2015-2016

ECAT Physics Sample Test preparation 2015-2016

PHYSICS (Questions 31~60)

Each question has four possible answers.

  • To and fro motion of a body about its mean position is known as: 

a ) Linear motion .    b ) Rotatory motion .    c ) Angular motion .    d ) Vibratory motion

  • In SHM, the acceleration of a body is directly p~portional to: 

 a ) Applied force ~ Em) 1 1 b ) Displacement c ) Restoring force

  • The maximum distance of vibrating body from mean . position is called: .    

 a ) Displacement .     b ) Time Period .     c ) Frequency d ) Amplitude .

  • The time taken to complete one revolution is called: .    

a ) Frequency b ) Time Period  c)Time .    d ) Displacement

  • A force of 20 N is applied on an ela stk spring. If the extension produced in the spring is 10 cm, the spring . constant k is: . 

a)20N/m . b)40N/m . c) lON/m . d ) 200 N/m

  • The main cause of an oscillatory motion of an elastic . spring is: . 

a ) Mass of the spring . b ) Weight of spring . c ) K.E of the spring . d ) Restoring of the spring

  • A particle performing SHM has displacement equal to:

a)  x^n sinwt      b ) x^O coswt      c)Both a& b        d) x^Osin^2~

  • The angular speed of mass attached with spring is:

a) vow= I 2   b)W=~   cow= I   d)w= 2~

  • The velocity of a body in SHM is maximum at the: 

a ) Extreme position b ) Between mean & extreme position c ) Mean position d ) Between extreme & mean

The time period of second pendulum is:
a ) 1 sec b ) 1.5 sec c)2 sec d ) None of these

  • A body performing SHM has a displacements given by the equation x = 30 sin 50t what is the frequency of oscillation:

a)O.020Hz b)O.13Hz c ) 8.0 Hz d ) 50 Hz

  • When a particle is moving along circular path, its projection a long the diameter execute: 

a)SHM j b ) Angular motion c ) Linear motion d ) Rotatory motion

  • The total energy y of a body executing SHM is directly proportional to:

 a ) The Amplitude b ) Square of Amplitude  c ) Square root of ~r~plit~de ., _ ._ .r l_

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