Wednesday 13 September 2023

Police Station Assistant Past Paper 2023 Solved MCQs

 If you are looking for the solved paper of Assistant in Police Station post then here we have shared the Police Station Assistant Past Paper 2023 Solved MCQs.

If you're gearing up to tackle the Police Station Assistant Past Paper Solved MCQs held on September 8, 2023, you're on the right track to success. These meticulously prepared solved multiple-choice questions (MCQs) can be your key to acing this crucial examination. By practicing with these past papers, you'll not only familiarize yourself with the format but also gain valuable insights into the types of questions you may encounter. This strategic approach can help you hone your problem-solving skills, build confidence, and maximize your chances of excelling in the actual test. So, dive into these MCQs, study them diligently, and pave your way to a promising career in the police force. Your dedication and preparation will undoubtedly pay off as you strive for success in the upcoming Police Station Assistant examination. Good luck!

Police Station Assistant Past Paper held on 8 September 2023

Desktop Lock Shortcut key.....

Window key+L

SQL stands for...Structured Query Language.

LAN stands For.... Local Area network.

1024GB is equal to 1TB.

Hub Needed for ....Star Toplogy.

Shortcut in excell to insert new sheet...Shift+F11.

Processed Data called.... Information.

Mostly Used Computers... Digital computer.

Softwares Copyright access Illegaly....Piracy.

Softwares used free for some days.....Freware.

Math Portion Answers.

17% profit.....42850

X ki Value.....4

6 ki power 2 wala.....20

Smallest number...70


Hazrat Yaqoob sons...12

Mano Salwa .... Hazrat Musa

Hazrat Ali Martyred....40AH

Surah without Bismillah...Taubah

Hazrat Ismail mother Name...Hazrat Hajirah

Bane Israil Ko kis sy Nijat di....Ale Firoun


First Census...1951

Muslim League established..Dhaka

Coldest .....Antarctica

1965 war Nishane Haider....Major Aziz Bhati

First Chief Justice...Mian Abdul Rasheed.

National Animal...Markhoor

Pakistan Code....PK.

5th Most Populated Country...Pakistan


Yell Synonym...Shout

Heartfelt antonym...Insincerity.

He is Interested ” ” painting.....In

She is Working....Midnight...since

I am So much.....To meet u ...Delighted.

Head is Covered ...Hair....with

English Translate...

1.He is Playing football.

2.It’s Has been Raining Since Yesterday’s Morning.

3.We read Newspaper Daily.

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