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60 Most Commonly Scientific Units and Their Names


60 Most Commonly Scientific Units and Their Names

If you are a student of science then this post is for you. Here we have shared the 60 Most Commonly Scientific Units and Their Names. It includes the most commonly used scientific units along with their names and details and their types. This list is very helpful for students to remember different kinds of units.

Scientific Units

1- ampere–electric current

2-angstrom–unit of length for the measurement of wavelength

3-bar–unit of atmospheric pressure

4-bel—unit of intensity of sound

5-calorie—a measurement of the quantity of heat

6-candle power–illuminating power of a source of light

7-centigrade—unit of temperature

8-centimeter—the unit of length

9-coulomb–electric charge


11-dioptre—power of lens

12-dyne—the unit of force

13-electron volt—unit of energy

14-erg—unit of work

15-farad—electric capacity

16-farady—electric charge

17-gauss—magnetic induction

18-gram—unit of mass

19-gram wt—gravitational unit

20-henry—unit of induction

21-horse power—unit of power

22-joule—practical unit of work

23-kg—unit of mass

24-kilowatt—unit of electrical power

25-knot—unit of speed

26-kilowatt-hour—practical unit of electrical power

27-lambert—unit of brightness

28-light year—unit of distance for measuring astronomical distance

29-litre—unit of volume capacity

30-lumen—luminous flux

31-lux—unit of intensity of lamination

32-maxwell—magnetic flux

33-meter—unit of distance

34-micro farad—one millionth of a farad

35-millimicron—unit of length used in spectroscopy

36-newton—unit of work

37-oersted—unit of magnetic intensity

38-ohm—unit of electrical resistance

39-poise—unit of viscosity

40-second—unit of time

41-volt—practical unit of electric potential difference

42-watt—unit of power

43-weber—unit of magnetic pole strength

44-x.u—unit of length expressing x-ray wave length

45-gy-gray—absorbed radiation dose

46-mole—amount of substance

47-siemens—electric conductance


49-radian—plane angle

50-tesla—magnetic flux density


52-sievert—radiation dose equilent

53-steradian—solid angle

54-bacquerel—the activity of a radionuclide

55-rutherford—rate of decay of radioactive material



58-sved berg unit—sedimentation rate


60-roentgen—radiation exposure x-ray

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