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SPSC Past Papers Solved Pdf Download All subjects

SPSC Past Papers Solved Pdf Download All subjects

If you are looking for the Past Papers of Sindh Public Service Commission then you are at the right page because here we have shared the SPSC Past Papers Solved Pdf Download or read online.

criminal Procedure Code, Pakistan Panel Code & Sindh Court’s Criminal Circulars (with Books) 2015 paper

Q. No. 1 Explain circumstances that require framing of a formal charge by Magistrate against
an accused. Also, mention what particulars are stated in a charge?
Q. No. 2 What is the identification parade? Under what provision for Federal capital and Sindh
Court Criminal Circular it is conducted? Who will conduct the same? And what
precautions shall be taken during the identification test?
Q. No. 3 If accused is too ill to travel or arrested in injured condition and hospitalized, not ina
position to produce him before Judicial Magistrate for his physical custody remand, then
under what provisions of law his detention in hospital would be legalized
Q. No. 4 Describe between:-
(a) Wrongful restraint and wrongful confinement,
(b) Assault and criminal intimidation,
(c)Theft and extortion
(d) Kidnapping and abduction,
Q. No.5 What is the procedure under Sindh Courts Criminal Circulars for the destruction of
useless Criminal record in the Courts of sessions?
Q. No. 6 Under what circumstances, a person can be declared proclaimed absconder? Cana
criminal Court attach the property of absconding accused?
Q. No. 7 Differentiate Itlaf-i-Udw and Salahiyat-i-Udw? What is punishment for each offence?
Q. No. 8 What are powers and duties of the Justice of Peace, when the grievance is reported by an
aggrieved person about non-registration of the FIR of the cognizable offence reported at
local police station?

Islamiat 2013 paper

01 write a brief note on the conception of God in Islam and explain the importance of
Tauheed and Finality of Prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS) as the most
important belief in Islam.
02: Zakat occupies a position of fundamental importance in the Islamic economic
system. Explain in detail with reference to system of distributive justice.
03 Write short notes on the Rights and Duties of the following:
(b) Neighbours
(c) Relatives
04 Explain Human dignity. How Islam recognizes
adopted to maintain the superiority of man?
05 Allah Almighty sent Prophets to lead mankind out of darkness into the light.
Discuss the necessity and significance of Prophets along with their exclusive
06 Discuss the main causes; consequences and importance of Battle
Whether this battle was defensive or an offensive. Please Comment.
07 What were the initial difficulties faced by Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) as First Caliph
of Islam? Discuss.

Land Acquisition act paper

Q. No.1 Define any four of the following:-
“Person interested”.
“Produce Index unit”
“Local Zakat Committee”
“Court which passed a decree”.
Q. No.2 Explain the provisions regarding declaration that land is required for public purpose and
special powers in cases of urgency?
Q. No.3 Describe the powers of Mukhtiarkar Court and powers of collector to transfer suits.
Q. No.4 Describe the provisions relating to constitution of Land Commissions and their powers?
Q. No.5 Under Civil Procedure Code 1908, after decree can Court also exercise powers of
execution, if yes, how it can be enforced and in what cases execution is barred?
Q. No.6 Do you think organization structure of Zakat at Federal, Provincial and district level is
effective, suggest how it can be made mere effective?

Financial Rules & Procedure 2015

Q. No.  What are the provisions that apply to money tendered for credit as personal Deposit at a Treasury?
Q. No. not be mixed with regular Cash drawn on pay and travelling allowances bill of establishment should cash balance of the Department . Please comment?
Q. No. (a) What are the provisions of closing of cash book and carry forward of unpaid balances?
(b) What are the requisite certification on Closing of Cash Book?
Q. No. Write Short Notes on the followings:
Issuance of Cheques in lieu of lost and Time Bared Cheques etc
New Accounting Model / SAP
Writ-Off power of losses of stamp
Budget Classification
Q. No. shall be regulated and
How inter Government transaction between Federal Government to Province
what is the role of Central Bank in this regard?
Q. No. and for conduct
Treasury Officer is Primarily responsible to the collector for working of the Treasury
of the subordinate Treasury Officials under Financial Rules .Explain Briefly?

Registration Act, Stamps Act, Court Fee Act, etc paper

Q. No.1 What is the effect of registration and non-registration of documents?
Q. No.2 What is the scope of “Sale” explain its essential elements?
Q. No.3 What are the essentials laid down for creation of valid gift?
Q. No.4 In what circumstances, the Court fees of suit or appeal can be refunded?
Q. No.5 How the wills can be deposited and disposed of? Explain in detail?

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