Tuesday 14 July 2020

Dengue Fever English Essay for 10th and 12 Class

Mosquito is a sworn enemy of man. Man has been fighting with this blood-sucking insect since ever. He has devised many ways to fight it off but he could not keep this tiny cousin of Dracula from feasting on his blood. The mosquito may not be able to drink tons of blood but when it bites, it injects germs of various diseases into the blood. 
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection. It can be asymptomatic but commonly causes a severe flu-like illness. It can result in bleeding and shock. Red dots also appear on the skin of the patient. A lethal complication is called dengue hemorrhagic fever which is fatal. Dengue is a viral disease. The virus destroys WBCs which form our immunity system. Although there is no specific treatment for the infection, good medical care with symptomatic treatment can often save the life of a dengue patient. 
Like many tropical countries, Pakistan has also been a victim of dengue. It was severely attacked in 2010, especially when floodwater helped the mosquito breed on. Provincial governments failed to launch timely spray to kill harmful insects. Almost all the country was affected by this disease. Hospitals were crowded with patients. Health Department was not ready to cope with this problem. Private hospitals exploited this situation and feathered their nests. Since there is no specific medicine of this disease, people were panicked. Rumors replaced scientific facts and they ate up the leaves of every tree which they fancied a treatment. The sellers of mosquito killers, like mats, coils, sprays earned a huge fortune. 
However, the fact is that dengue is not a deadly disease. Within two or three weeks, a patient recovers from this illness. Thank God, the advent of winter-killed the mosquito and people heaved a sigh of relief. However, the fact remains that the government could do nothing to help them. 
Now we should be vigilant as the coming summer can see another surge of dengue. We should take all the possible measures to keep it off. We should keep our environment clean so that mosquito should not breed. Dengue mosquito breeds on freshwater. We should not let it stagnate anywhere. We should follow the rules of hygiene, as it is our religious obligation. We should not pollute our environment as,
Cleanliness is the half Faith

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