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FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 14 MCQs pdf Download

FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 14 MCQs pdf Download
If you are looking for the MCQs of Biology 11th class chapter 14 then here we have written all important FSc 1st Year Biology Chapter 14 MCQs pdf Download

1. The liver receives blood from the digestive system through:
a) Portal vein b) Hapatic vein c) Lilac vein d) Hepatic vein
Correct Answer
Hepatic vein

2. The volume of dry seed may increase up to 200 times by:
a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Imbibition d) Active transport
Correct Answer

3. The ions involved in the opening and closing of stomata are:
a) Sodium b) Calcium c) Potassium d) Magnesium
Correct Answer

4. The valves present in the veins are called:
a) Bicuspid b) Semi-lunar c) Tricuspid d) Aortic
Correct Answer

5. The pairs of lateral hearts in Earthworms are:
a) 3 b) 7 c) 5 d) 6
Correct Answer

6. Disorder in which hemoglobin molecule has F chain instead of -chain known as:
a) Thalassemia b) Leukaemia c) Oedema d) Emphysema
Correct Answer

7. Double circuit heart is not found in:
a) Birds b) Mammals c) Reptiles d) Fish
Correct Answer

8. The shrinkage of protoplast of a cell:
a) Deplasmolysis b) Incipient Plasmolysis c) Guttation d) Plasmolysis
Correct Answer

9. Casparian strips are present in cells of root:
a) Cortex b) Epidermis c) Endodermis d) Phloem
Correct Answer

10. Blood platelets are fragments of a large cell called:

a) Leucocyte b) Megakaryocyte c) Erythrocyte d) Granulocyte
Correct Answer

11. The condition cause narrowing and hardening of artistries are called:
a) Atherosclerosis b) Necrosis c) Sclerosis d) Apoptosis
Correct Answer

12. The uncontrolled production of white blood cells results in:
a) Leucaemia b) Thalassamia c) Oedema d) Asthma
Correct Answer

13. A serum containing antibodies is called:
a) Antigen b) Antibiotics c) Lymph d) Antiserum
Correct Answer

14. 62% of white blood cells are:
a) Neutrophils b) Eosinophils c) Basophils d) Lymphocytes
Correct Answer

15. The loss of water through hydathodes in leaves is called:
a) Transpiration b) Bleeding c) Guttation d) Imbibition
Correct Answer

16. Casprin stripe is present in:
a) Root cortex b) Root endodermis c) Xylem d) Phloem
Correct Answer
Root endodermis

17. The dewdrops on the tip of the grass leaves involves the phenomenon:
a) Imbibition b) Bleeding c) Guttation d) Transpiration Pull
Correct Answer

18. Casprin stripe is present in:
a) Root cartex b) Root endodermis c) Xylem d) Phloem
Correct Answer
Root endodermis

19. A substance that inhibits blood clotting is:
a) Neparin b) Fibrinogen c) Fibrin d) Thrombin
Correct Answer

20. The normal pH of blood is:
a) 7.4 b) 6.0 c) 8.0 d) 9.0
Correct Answer

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