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PPSC Protocol Officers Paper solved mcqs 2019

PPSC Sub-inspector Police Paper solved 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of PPSC then here we have shared the PPSC Protocol Officers Paper solved 2019.

PROTOCOL OFFICER’S Paper PPSC Solved mcqs 29-12-2019

1. Paw to Cat: Hoof to? Horse
2. Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansaari's R.A. brother? Hazrat Musa’ab R.A 3. Maradona of Pakistan Hockey? Shahbaz Senior
4. Ranit Singh made capital to? Lahore
5. Language of Islamic Commonwealth during Abd al-Malik period? Arabic
6. European Commission President? Ursula von der Leyen
7. Country without permanent river? Saudi Arabia
8. It takes two to tango? Two parties to start dispute
9. All and Sundry? Everyone
10. FATF was established in? 1989
11. Total members of NAM? 120
12. ILO is? UN Body
13. Amnesty International is? Non-governmental Organization
14. Lake OkeeChobee is in? Florida
15. Robert Mughabe was president of? Zimbabwe
16. Neslon Mandela’s book published in 1994? Long Walk to Freedom
17. Book Thoughts on Pakistan was written by? B.R. Ambedkar
18. Which is the coastal landform? Bay
19. Pakistan Purchased Gawadar Port in? 1958
20. NATO established in 1949 is a? Military Alliance
21. PM of India during Tashkent Declaration? Lal Bahadur Shastri
22. Hazrat Ali Hajveri wrote? Kashf ul Mujoob
23. 2016 T 20 World Cup won by? West Indies
24. First Cricket World Cup won by? West Indies
25. Recently Apache attack helicopter has been sold by US to? India
26. Britishers called 1857 War as? Mutiny
27. Rukn-e-Azam of Hajj? Waqoof-e-Arafat
28. Rituals of Haj are called? Manasik
29. First Female democratically elected PM from Muslim World? Benazir Bhutto
30. Allama Iqbal’s Poem Khizr-e-Rah in which book? Bang-e-Dara
31. UN Human Rights Declaration 1948 Acknowledged? Right to Food
32. Highest Civil Award of Pakistan? Nishan-e-Pakistan
33. URL means? Uniform Resource Locator
34. McMohan Line is between? India and China
35. Britishers sold Kashmir in 1845 to? Ghulab Singh
36. Vitamin for Blood Clotting? Vitamin K
37. Appendices is an inflammation of? Appendix
38. Sound Cannot travel through? Vacuum
39. US-Arab Summit 2017 held in? Riyadh
40. Olympics 2020 in? Tokyo
41. Mossad is intelligence agency of? Israel
42. Application Software? All (Browser, Database, Game software)
43. To delete one word before cursor in MS word? Alt+ Delete
44. Ctrl + PageUp? For complete Page up in MS Word
45. St. Petersburg is in? Russia
46. Hu Chi Minh name? Saigon
47. Gas for preparation of banaspati Ghee? Hydrogen
48. Longest River of Balochistan? Hinghol
49. When USSR invaded Afghanistan? 1979
50. Angel at the door of Hell? Maalik
51. Heart of Quran? Surah Yaseen
52. Out of Sight out of mind? Ankh Ojhal Pahaar Ojhal
53. Charity Begins at Home? Awwal Khaish baad Darwaish
54. A-O-Hume founded? Indian National Congress

55. Chairman Federal Board of Revenue? Shabbar Zaidi

1.which is application software(web browser,game,all)👉🏻 *All*
2. Which country have no permanent river👉🏻 *saudia*
3. President of EU👉🏻
4. Thoughts on pakistan written by👉🏻 *B R Ambedkar*
5. Antonym of prohibit
6. Most imp part of Hajj👉🏻 *waqoof arfat*
7. Rituals of Hajj👉🏻 manasik
8. US Arab summit held 2017👉🏻 *riyadh*
9-- 8,11,14,.....
10 First ptv program aired on👉🏻 *26 nov 1964*
11. ILO is👉🏻 *UN body*
12. Golden gate bridge👉🏻 *San francisco*
13. Moakhat madina me hazrat ayyub ansari kis k bhai bne?
14. Lets sleeping dogs lie
15. Okeechobee lake in👉🏻 falorida
16. US sold Apache helicopte to👉🏻morocco
17-Sum of prime no. Less than 25 is
18. Sum of number and its square is 2450. Find no.?
19- A number is divided by 49 and remainder is 20. If it will be divided by 7 then remainder will be?
21Largest fresh water lake👉🏻 superior
22. Mossad intelegence agency👉🏻israeel
23- Pm of india during tashkent👉🏻Lal bahadur shastri
24. First world cup won by👉🏻 west indies
25 T20 2016👉🏻west indies
32. More score in test cricket👉🏻 brun lara
33. Tipu sultan ruler of👉🏻 Mysore
34. Ranjeet singh capital👉🏻 lahore
35. Gawadar purchase👉🏻1958
36. Indian national congress by👉🏻 AO hume
37.first constitution assembly dissolved👉🏻1954
38. URL👉🏻uniform resource locator
39. Chairman FBR👉🏻shabbar zaido
40. FATF est👉🏻1989
41. Amnesty intenational👉🏻 non governation org
42. Chairman anjuman islam👉🏻 khalifa hamid u din
43. Title of Hazrat Ibrahim👉🏻 khalil Allah
44. NATO IS👉🏻 miklitary alliance
45. Mandela book👉🏻 Long walk to freesom
46. Paw to cat: hoof to harse
47. Language of islamic commonwealth during Abdul malak period👉🏻arabic
48. It takes two to tango
49. Totl member of NAM👉🏻120
50. Robert mughabe was president of 👉🏻zimbabve
51. Which is coastal lanform👉🏻bay
52. Hazrat ali hajveri wrote👉🏻kashf ul mahjoob
53. Britisher called 1857 war as👉🏻 mutiny
54. First female muslim PM👉🏻benazir
55. UN human rights declaration 1948 👉🏻right to food
56. Highest civil award of pak👉🏻nishan pakistan
57. MCmohan line👉🏻india/china
58. British sold kashmir to gulab sing👉🏻1846
59. Vitamin for blood clotting👉🏻K
60. Appendices is inflammation of👉🏻appendix
61. Sound cannot travel👉🏻vacuum
62. Olympic 2020👉🏻tokyo
63. Cntrl+page up
64. St. Petersburg👉🏻russia
65. Hu Chi minh👉🏻pm vietnam
66. gas for preparation of banaspati👉🏻hydrogen
67. USSR invaded afghanistan👉🏻1979
68. Heart of quran👉🏻 surah yaseen
69. Charity begins at home👉🏻 *awl khawesh bad darwesh*
1. Out of sigh out of mind
2. Khizr rah iqbal ka kalam👉🏻 *bang e dara*
3. Farhang iqbal kis ne likhi👉🏻 *rukhsana begum*
4. Longest river of balochistan👉🏻 *Hingol*
5. To replace we use key in office👉🏻 *Cntrl+H*
6. Cntrl+page up use for
7. Move cursor left to delet we use short cut key

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