Wednesday 1 January 2020

PPSC Assistant livestock Solved Past Paper 2019

PPSC Assistant livestock Solved Past Paper 2019
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of PPSC then here we have shared the PPSC Assistant livestock Solved Past Paper 2019.

1murder of brother? قابیل نے ھابیل
2.karo meherbani tum ahle zameen par ? shair kis ka hai اقبال
3.bait ul mall established in ? 1992
4.which is oldest ?? freedom house,human rights watch
5. in geography "pangea"?supercontinent roman empire "volubilis" was great city it is situated in??moroco
7.pakistan hockey team donate which trophy? champions trophy,azlan shah cup,world cup چمیپن ٹرافی
8.petra is in?jordan
9.beam of light when is passed through colloidal? lighy scattering
10. samjhota express incident in? 2007
11. pakistan water emergency in 2018
in? june
12. dr ruth fao died in?2018
13.madarij al nabuwah written by? sheikh abdul haq
14. bashashat ka kia matlab? khushi
15.opec countries produce 44 percent oil
16.childhood friend of holy prophet? hazrat abubakar

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