Friday 31 January 2020

PPSC ASF Assistant Director Past Paper 2020

PPSC ASF Assistant Director Past Paper 2020
If you are searching for the past papers of ASF for the post of Assistant director then here we have shared the PPSC ASF Assistant Director Past Paper 2020.

ASF Assistant Director Past Paper 9 January 2020 

1=FIA Established in? 1975
2= Jihad kb farz hua? 2 Hijri
3= ASF kb bni? None
4= first Muslim shaheed? Sumayya
5= Total Surah in the Holy Quran? 114
6= Zakat on gold? 7, 1/2 tola
7= Chairman of NACTA Bog? PM
8=NACTA clearly spelt out? 2013
9= Longest surah? Al baqarah
10= Surah starts without Bismillah? Surah Toba
11= Security council HQ? New York
12= Amnesty International based on? London
13= Oldest Human rights Organisation?  Anti Slavery International
14= Which Border called Durand line?  Pak-Afghan
15= Pak-India border length in miles? None
16= Biggest export market of Pakistan?  USA
17= Airports Security force head shall be? None
18= Secretary aviation?  Sarwar
19= when PIA flight hijacked? 1981
20= 2nd PM of Pakistan? Nizamuddin
21= Muhammad khan junejo govt dismissed in? 29 May 1988
22= when Benazir Bhutto s govt dismissed? 6 Aug 1990
23= China joined WTO? 2001
24= Spirit of Islam book written by?  Syed Ameer Ali
25= Ariana Airline of which country? Afghanistan
26= Xinhua news agency?  China
27= Yuan is the currency of? China
28= First Muslim Among Men? Abu Bakar (RA)
29= First Muslim in Women? Hazrat Khadija/  (RA)
30= Who compiled the Quran ? Abu Bakar (RA)
31= Rangers provincial headquarters are in? Lahore and Karachi
32= Rangers deployed on which border? Pak-India
33= ASF secures how many Airports? 42

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