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FPSC Inspector investigation FIA (BPS-16) Paper Solved mcqs 2020

FPSC Inspector investigation FIA (BPS-16) Paper Solved mcqs 2020
If you are looking for the solved past past papers of FPSC then here we have shared the FPSC Inspector investigation FIA (BPS-16) Paper Solved mcqs 2020.


1.Prophet performed hajj-1 time (10th A. H)
2.Furqan is-difference between right and wrong
3.Shirk-unforgivable/Grand cruelty
4.Quraish representative-none of these
5.Abassid caliphate-500 years
6.Salat ul khwauf-in wars
7.first question on judgement day-Salat
8.meeqat for people of East-qurn al manazil surAh-114


1.the table was broken by them for fun
2.abstrat and material noun


1.todays is Saturday after 500 days-
2.a:b is 3:5 and b:c is 10:16. What's a:b:c?-3:5:8


1.light year related to-distance
2.filament made of-tungsten
3.micro phone convert sound into-electrical
4.FM abbreviation-frequency modulation
5.athlete for instant energy take-carbohydrate
6.Mechanics is-study of motion
7.brain lobe responsible for speech-temporal
8.% of Salinty in ocean-3.5%
9.K.E/P.E for free falling bodies-same
10.Heat and electricity conduction-all of these
11.Artries-pump away blood
12.Power is equal to-746watt
13.Jelly fish shape-umbrella
14.Pvc-polyvinyl chloride
15.Acceleration means velocity-increases
16.Milk pasteurized-to kill bacteria
17.silicon is used for-sand and glass
18.tree branches outward to the soil-banyan
19.actinides series-89 to 103
20.colorless cells-white blood cells


1.Hottest place-jacobabad
2.Sikh marriage bill-punjab
3.operation Tight screw by-pak army
4.Murder of history by-k.k aziz
5.foreign nationality holder Beaurecrats-213
6.first President-1956
7.Movie in London-cake
8.Largest division-malakand
9.jewel of hindukash-malakand(chiral)
10.Sohni mahiwal-fazal shah
11.First consensus-1881
12.Arms export-9th
13.Indian rcv award-morarji desai
14.Taliban leader-bAitullah mehsud
15. Nawab waqar ul mulk real name-mushtaq hussain
16.first Nawab of bahawalpur-Nawab bahawal Khan I
17.No of pakistani-2.7M
18.friday official holiday-1st July 1977(bhutto)
19. Senate chairman from balochistan-none of these(Sadiq sanjrani is the only baloch in the list)
20.Cheapest city ranking karachi-6th
21.NAB 16th Nov 1999
22.License to Transgender-kpk
23.double Century in ODI-fakr zaman
24.2star general-shahida malik (Maj Gen)
25.Invited pakistan to chah_e_bahar-iran
26.National flower-jasmine
27.Mangopir hills-sindh
28.picture on Rs100-ziarat residency
29.composed national anthem-ahmed G. Chagla
30.old name of ECO-RCD

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