Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Corruption English Essay for Matric 10th and 12th Class

Corruption English Essay for Matric 10th and 12th Class
Corruption means dishonest practice It has permeated through social.
 economic. political and religious spheres of life Like the air we breathe. it has become a part and parcel of every modern society: it is now a world-wide phenomenon and is deeply rooted evil of the society.

Corruption is the mother of all evils Favoritism and nepotism have taken deep roots in our society Misuse of public money, bad debts and improper use of power and wealth has eaten into the vitals of the society Trade, commerce and industry government and private sector religion and politics, all are in the grip of corruption The distinction between the right and the wrong is disappearing from the society Pakistan is a developing country and a big victim of corruption The social and economic condition of the country is falling down day by day. Everyone wants to become rich over night Everyone wants his standard high and wants to avail all facilities in life. For this purpose the salaries of the people are not enough As a result, they use unfair means to earn more money.

Our politicians win elections by dint of money They try all unfair means to collect money When people in power indulge in corruption, the common man gets a kind of sanction There is a need to eradicate corruption on upper level in order to uproot corruption from the society, a complete change of social and political system Is necessary There must be a strong system of accountability Strict rules must be defined and hard punishments must be inflicted on those Who are found involved in corruption Merit policy should be observed strictly There is a need to root out the causes of the corruption, it will e eradicated The anti corruption department should be made more effective. If we follow the Islamic system, we can get rid of all evils.

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