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My Last Day at College English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes

My Last Day at College English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes
Tears from the depth of some divine despair.
 Rise in the heart and gather to eyes.
 In looking on the happy autumn fields.
 And thinking of the days that are no more.
 In the store house of my memories, my last day at college occupies a prominent position. I can never forget that day when I left college and entered professional C life. My college was the place where I spent golden years of my life. Those happy days, noisy laughter and careless wandering still haunt my memory.
 My last day at college is still fresh in my memory. The principal was addressing a big audience Some attentive students were listening to and clapping whenever the speaker made such a point. Some naughty ones were whispering and passing funny remarks over the speech. This is a typical college student character. The farewell function on my last day at college was in full swing.
 Earlier, some students staged a variety show-which included comic skits dance and music performance. All the performers had shown great artistic skill in each performance. They showed that education does not mean cramming of books only. It includes polishing one's talent and enabling one to be a useful citizen.
 No sooner had the principal concluded his speech than the students rushed to the dining hall. A delicious meal was waiting for us. Some of us pounced upon the dishes whereas others showed a good control. I was hearing the noise of plates, spoons and glasses etc. When the lunch was over, a new announcement was made which surprised us. A function on the last day is very typical - a variety show, principal's address and a lunch. But this was more than that which made it memorable and quite unique. It was a career guidance session.
 Our college won over other colleges by holding such a session. The objective was to familiarize students with the next possible options of learning and to find a path for future. I can say that it was a great blessing for us. The announcement made us excited.
 The senior professors sat in a row on the stage and spoke on engineering, medical, commerce, arts and business administration etc. No doubt we know about them but our information was very superficial Besides, many of us had various misconceptions also.
 The worthy professors invited questions from the audience. Each student wanted to ask questions which was not possible because of the shortage of time, However. they collected some sample questions and answered them thoroughly.
 They had obtained prospectuses from various engineering institutions, medical colleges, universities and commerce institutes. It was a great effort. We could go through a prospectus of our choice and gather a fair idea about the scheme of studies and the institution itself. After spending a good long time in that session, we returned home I could call it a day In conclusion, the function proved to be a stepping stone for us. We had come with a notion of cating and enjoying only But our college administration had turned it into a unique purpose-oriented one To guide and lead someone in the right direction is a great virtue and our college had just done the same That last day at college had become the first day for another institution for us. My last day at college made me realize that:
There are more men ennobled by study than by nature (Cicero)

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