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My Favourite Personality English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes

My Favourite Personality English Essay with Quotations for Inter, BA Classes
"The heights by great men reached and kept
 Were not attained by sudden Night.
 But they, while their companions slept
 Were toiling upward in the night."
 (Long Fellow)
 In 1893. a beautiful boy entered the Lincoln's Inn London. He was well groomed and had fair complexion and aquiline features. He had come from India to learn Law. Who knew that one day he would develop into the Quaid-e-Azam for the Indian Muslims and liberate them from slavery? He is my only choice as my favourite personality MA Jinnah was a great visionary. His vision developed with the passage of time and experience. He had been a great Ambassador of the Hindu-Muslim unity at the start But soon, he realized that the Muslims, under the authority of the Hindus, would be treated like slaves. He had such an ability that he could analyze past and present and map out future plans sensibly.
 Having established this, we can say confidently that he was a leader in the true sense. He was not a follower. He had the ability to instruct and direct people in the right direction People used to wait for his policy statement and they were never let down by their great leader. Whether it was elections or mass campaign, matters of the Muslim League or communal riots, the Quaid always proved equal to the task. As a leader he knew his goal and he had a plan to achieve it
 Mr. Jinnah was a superb negotiator. His confidence knew no bounds, but he never became over confident. Therefore, he pleaded the case of the Muslims very diplomatically. His negotiating skills were outstanding during Cabinet Mission Plan, Cripps Proposals and Simla Conference. During the talks, he never retreated from his stance and finally won Pakistan.
 Nature had gifted him with an excellent will power that he used successfully to achieve his goal. Despite his struggle with weak health, Jinnah kept struggling for his aim untiringly. He was so confident and determined that no one could ever waver him in difficulties. He used to preside over meetings, travel a lot, negotiate with his opponents, see Visitors and supervise the working of the Muslim League-all without complaining In the same way. Jinnah was very brave and undaunted . Many a time, his guards suspected a murder attempt and advised him to be careful. But, he did not care for it On the eve of independence, a British intelligence officer told him about an expected attack on him. He, however, did not give it even the first thought. He accompanied Lord Mountbatten and his cavalcade reached the destination safe and sound Of course, he was gifted with a sense of humour. He would comment humorously on various occasions to please his audience. It was never malicious Even during talks he would not spare a powerful opponent by making witty remarks Essays
 He was a committed and great lawyer. Mr. Jinnah had such a mastery over law as the judges and his rival attorneys would admire him for it. He would interpret law in a convincing way to win a case.
 To conclude, it is difficult to epitomize the personality of my hero so briefly. At home, he was a loving husband, affectionate father and a kind master to servants. Out of home, he was a tough challenger for his opponents. This lawyer did not know that one day he would win the most important case of his life. If he had been on the side of Congress, there would not have been any Pakistan. The Quaid was the only difference and the people who differ write history.
 "Strong flowers decay but a great name shall never pass away (Longfellow) 

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