Wednesday 3 July 2019

LLB Part 1 Islamic Jurisprudence Past Paper 2019

LLB Part 1 Islamic Jurisprudence Past Paper 2019
Note: Attempt any FIVE Questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Describe and explain the position of Quran as primary source of Islamic Law.

2. Sunnah has a twofold role in Islamic Legislation; it explains the brief injunctions of Holy Quran and It frames law when and where Quran remains silent. Do you agree?

3. What is tehad and what are the basic qualifications of a competent Mujtahid? Can we entrust the incumbent Parliament with the delicate assignment of ijtihad? Explain rationally.

4. Explain briefly the role and contribution of early Muslim Jurists in compilation and codification of Islamic law.

5. Islam has categorized the crime in reference to punishments, in three major areas; Hadd, Tazir and Qisas Diyat Explain briefly.

6. Their matters are decided & discharged with mutual consultation Explain this principle with
particular reference to the concept of Shura and its binding nature.

7. All cases are based on the strength of evidence produced before Judicial authority Islam emphasizes on the quality of witnesses in different cases Explain briefly.

8. What are the different ingredients of a Contract of sale under the Islamic Law?

9. Islam has ordained specific guiding principles during the course of War (jehad) Please explain and compare the same with modern time wars.

10. Write short notes on the following
A) Qiyas
B) Ujma

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