Sunday 30 June 2019

Why I Love Pakistan English Essay for Matric, 12th, BA Classes

Why I Love Pakistan English Essay for Matric, 12th, BA Classes
"Love of one's country is an article of faith." This is an old Arabic saying. Patriotism is an inborn quality of all animate beings. It is impossible for a sane person to hate his country for any reason. Everyone loves his motherland in the same manner as he loves his dear mother and even more passionately than that. If he does not love his country, he is considered a traitor and nobody is willing to befriend him I love my country more than any other material thing for different reasons.
First of all, I love Pakistan because I am a great patriot and have an instinctive love for my motherland. I breathe its air and live on the produce of its soil. It provides me every facility of life. It is a natural thing that 1 should love the country where I was born and brought up. Secondly, I love Pakistan because it is an Islamic State. It was achieved by the Muslims for a free practice of the Islamic injunctions. Islam teaches us brotherhood and justice. All are equal in the eyes of law and all have equal chances of progress and promotion.
The people are united in their faith and work hard for the development and advancement of the country Thirdly. I love Pakistan because it is a land of the free people. They are not subservient to the will of any other country.
The people are free and prize their freedom most They love their freedom more than any other thing in the world. They are brave and courageous. They are always ready to defend their country against any foreign invasion or internal strife In the Indo-Pak war of 1965, great martyrs like Major Aziz Bhatti and Brig. Shami sacrificed their precious lives and repulsed the enemy.
We love Pakistan for its ancient civilization also Its historical buildings and natural resources are a great source of attraction. The great Badshahi Mosque of Lahore. Shahi Fort the shrines of great saints and the ruins of ancient civilisation at Taxila, Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are a matter of great pride for all countrymen.
The health resorts and pleasant hill stations are equally important Pakistan is a land of peace, justice and love. All are free to think and act. This freedom was guaranteed by the Quaid-e Azam in his first speech as the Governor-General of Pakistan I want to conclude by saying that I love Pakistan. It is for these reasons that I find immense love in my heart for Pakistan and so I always pray Pakistan Zindabad! 

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