Sunday 7 April 2019

CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2019

Looking for the past paper of Islamic Studies of year 2019? If yes then you are at right page because Here we have shared the CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2019.

Question: Define Tauheed. What is its impact on individual life and the society? Elaborate.
Question: Give a general estimate of the Holy Prophet's PBUH) character in the battle fields as a commander.
Question: Describe the rights of women in Islam in context of current wave of the feminist movement,
Question: Throw light in detail on the moral values system of Islam as a significant feature of Islamic civilization.
Question: Write a comprehensive note on Hajj (the pilgrimage) and its spiritual, moral and social impacts.
Question: Is extremism a challenge to Islam? Discuss in the context of contemporary challenges faced by Muslim Ummah.
Question: Give Suggestions to reform Pakistani polities keeping in view the different aspects of political system of Islam.
CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2019

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