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FPSC ASF Inspector Past Papers Solved pdf

FPSC ASF Inspector Past Papers Solved pdf
If you are in search of the solved past papers mcqs of ASF inspector post fpsc then here we have shared the FPSC ASF Inspector Past Papers Solved pdf download or you can read them online.
What is the most suitable phrase?
Against one's grain _ : against one's nature
At one's beck and call ___ at one's service
Bad blood_ : ill feeling
A dark house __ : an unknown genius
To cut the Gordian knot : to solve difficult problem in a bold manner
To hit below the belt : To make and unfair attack
To pay ducks and drakes with money __ _ : to squander money
On the spur of the moment ___ : without getting any time to think
To take bull by the horns __ : to face danger
To win laurels ___ : to win an honor
Select the alternative
• Daunt _: overpower
• Exorbitant __ Excessive
• Pertinent. __ relevant
• Various _ Greedy
• Remorse __ repentance
General knowledge
• The committee of the Norwegian parliament awards the prize for __ : Peace
• The date of operation of first open heart surgery in India was __ : July6, 1959
• The element of an electric stove made __ : Nichrome
• The blood pressure of a young male human being is __ : 120/80
• The first Winter Olympic Games were held at __ : Chamonix ( France) J
• The electron was first identified by __ _ J.J. Thompson
• The conversation hawks and owls is important to mankind chiefly because the birds eat __ : Many harmful rodent
• The best way to tackle local environment problem is to : provide environment education to the local people and create awareness
• The first attempt I printing was made in England by : William Caxton
• The first foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna was Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
• Indian Rebellion of 1857 Was of
• independence on 10th May from the town of __ :Merut
• How many Sahaba were martyred in battle of Sadar: __ : 14
• Which of the following is the land locked __ :Uganda
• Tehrir Square is situated in_ Cairo
• Binghazi is city of __ : Libya
• River Nile originate from __ : Lake Victoria
• Green which is located in ___ England
• Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in __ : Medina
• Who was Historian, Justice , philosopher as well as Politician? Abdul Rehman Bin Khaldun
• Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice Al Namal
• In France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on __ 14 july
• What is new name of Leningrad? ___ St. Petersburg
• If there were no atmosphere what would be the color of the sky_ : Black
• "White goods' are __ : Durable consumption goods
• "Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts. " These words are attributed to. : Shelley
• The 1st Asian Sec G. of United Nations was _ U-Thant ·
• The author of the "New deal" was President Roosevelt
• What is the total are of Australia? __ _ 7891000
• ASEAN was formed in 1967
• Decibel is unit used for : Intensity of sound
• If a sum on compound interest three times in years , then with the same interest rate, the sum will become 27 times in : 12 years
• The least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than doubled is 4
• A man borrows Rs. 2550 to be paid back with compound interest at the rate of 4% per annum by the end of 2 years in two equal yearly installments, how many will each installment be? Rs. 1352
• What Annual payment will discharge a debt of Rs.1025 Due in 2 years at rate of 5% compound interest? _ Rs.551.25
• A man borrows Rs. 12500 at 20% compound. At the end of every year he pays Rs.2000 as part repayment. How much does he still owe after three such installment? None of these
• If the area of a rectangular plot Increase by 30 % while its breadth remains same. What will be the ratio of the areas of new and old figures? _ None of these
• A typist uses a sheet measuring 20cm by 30cm lengthwise. If a margin of 2cm is left on each side and a 3cm margin on tom and bottom, then percent of the page used for typing is : __ 64
• What will be the cost of gardening 1 meter broad boundary around a rectangular plot having perimeter of 340 meters at the rate of Rs.10 per square meter? ___ Rs 3440
• 2 meters broad pathway is to be constructed around a rectangular plot on the inside. The area of the plot on the inside. The area of the plot is 96 The rate of construction is Rs.50 per square meter. • Find the total cost of construction. _ Date inadequate
• Which choice supply the missing figure in the following series? 48, 45, 40, 33,24, ..... : 13
• Akbar sold his old gun Rs.2500 which he was bought for Rs.2500. What is his % ? Loss? 64%
• Ali sold his old car Rs. 43,000. He was bought it for Rs. 50,000. What is his percentage loss? 14%
• A boy had twice as many sums wrong as right. If he had 25 suns in all, now many of Were wrong. __ : 16
• 100/100000=? 0.001
• A boy deposited Rs. 300 in the saving bank which pays an interest of 5 ~% . how much interest will be get in one year ? 16.5
• What is 2% of 400 ? 8
• Find the positive square root of 2025. _ 15
• One side of the rectangle is 22 feet, which of the following could be the perimeter of the rectangle? __ Rs,30 Rs.330
Everyday Science
• A hydrophone is : An instrument to detect sound under water
• The voice of a mosquito is quite distinct from that of lion because : __ The frequencies of two sounds differ widely
• The musical motes having frequencies of 300, 400, and 500 are sounded simultaneously.
• Find the frequencies that will be heard by the year __ 100, 200,300,400,500
• If the Intensity of one sound is 1 O times the intensity of another, the two sounds differ by __ 1 bell
• According to Laplace sound travel in air as __ Longitudinal wave motion
• Velocity of sound at Oc in air is approximately __ 332 meter/second
• Which of the following does not affect the reverberation time of a room __ _ Frequency
• A tuning fork having a frequency of 300 has a wavelength of 4 ft. The velocity of sound in air will be · 1200 ft/sec
• When a stone Is dropped into a lake from the top of a.tower 400 ft high. The impact will be heard after how many second 5
• No sound can be heard in __ Complete vacuum
Pakistan Affair
• Who set before Indian Muslims , the national goal which later came to be known as Pakistan_ Allama Iqbal
• Whose calm in 1930 made the Indian Muslims something more than community a 'nation'? Allama Iqbal
• What was the fate of Abdullah bin Hiyan __ Died In battle
• Muhammad bin Qasim on arriving Sind established and controlled the Indus valley as for north as_ Multan
• The decisive battle between Raja Dahir and Muhammad bin Qasim was fought on 28111 October 712
• Which son of Raja Dahir embraced Islam _ Jay Singh
• Babul ul Islam is celebrated every year in Pakistan on __ 24111 July
• The one of trusted commanders of Muhammad bin Qasim was Hakim Shaibani
• Sultan Muhammad Ghazanvi carried about seventeen expedition in India between _ 1000 to 1026
• Muhammad Ghuari stabbed to death in __ 1206A.D
• Suleiman, the Magnificent was as _ Ottoman Caliph
• The Mongols defeated The Abbasids
• Bait al Hakim was established by __ _ Harun al Rashid
• Cart Brockelmann is the author of History of The Islamic Peoples
• The Ottoman dynasty fell __ 1924
• Musaliama al Kazzab was False Prophet
• Suleiman, the magnificent invaded Vienna in ___ Non
• History of Medieval Islam" was written by __ None
• Armistices between Turkey and Allies took -1919
• Kamal Mustafa was born in the town of ___ Salonika

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