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FPSC Anti Narcotics Force Assistant Director Past Papers Solved pdf

FPSC Anti Narcotics Force Assistant Director Past Papers Solved pdf
If you are in search of the assistant director anti narcotics force fpsc solved past papers then here we have shared the FPSC Anti Narcotics Force Assistant Director Past Papers Solved pdf download or read them online.
21. Warrant remains in force till: (EXECUTION)
22. De novo means? NEW
23. Accused and conviction are At high difference
24. A warrant must be: Written, Signed and Stamped
25. Any intimation to the court is called Complaint.
26. Alebia plea may be made by the Accused
27. Investigation of a case can be carried out by: lncharge of police station or his sub-ordinate
28. In cognizable case police can arrest: Without Warrant
29.Charge is framed by The Court
30. Court order to a police officer to act upon it is called: (A) summons (B) warrant (C) both (D) none of these.
31. Evidence may be (Narrative)
32. Provincial law officer is Advocate general
33. Female accused can be arrested / searched by Another women
34. Mens era : Guilty mind
35. Solitary confinement Sub - Jail
PPC Section
36. PPC as old as 1860
37. Tazir is Punishment
38. In culpable homicide there would be A Murder
39. A asks B to kill C and B refuses to do so A has committed offence? YES
40. Treating is what kind of bribe ? A Kind of light corruption
41. A person who bums his motorcycle in his own compound commits? No offence
42. A person who finds a gold ring on a public road and uses it? No offence
43. Perjury is a? Simple Offence
44.He pronoun is used in ppc? Both male and female
45.lf any person caused any disturbance to make the people? Nuisance
46. PPC is? Adjective law
Qanoon-e-Shahadat Section
47. Qanoon-e-Shahadat is Exhaustive Law
48. Is hearsay:
A) Good evidence, B) No evidence, C) 'Ocular evidence D) None of them. '
49. Hadd is applied as per Holy Quran
50. Accomplice is one who Partner Is criminal activities
51. Lunatic is competent and incompetent ?Yes he has both qualities.
52. Irrelevant questions can be asked? Yes
53. Scandalous questions can be asked: Yes, but court may forbid.
54. Leading question can be asked in Cross Examination
55. Hostile witness is the one? Who won over by opportune party
56. Burden of proof lies on Accused
57 .. Confession is said not to be valid if : Made before police
58. A fact is said to not proved when it is : Neither proved nor disproved
59. Who can r0efresh his memory Witness
60. Primary e\fidence? Documentary CNSA(ANF)
61. Trafficking of drugs is Prohibited
62. Narcotics; case trail shall be in Special courts
63. Cultivation of narcotics plant in Pakistan Totally prohibited
64. Transportation of drugs in Pakistan Totally prohibited
65. Ball ls not granted to accused under CNSA 1997
66. Rehabilitation centers establishing is the responsibility of Provincial govt
67. ANF is Special law
68. Mutual legal assistance with Foreign Federal Govt.
Drug related questions
69. Drug leaders are under the nose of ANF. Supreme Court
70. Narcotics word is derived from Greek
71. Most using drug in Pakistan is?
72. Drug abuse means ... drug addicted, heavy used drug etc?
73. Control substance mean ... chemical synthetic?
74. New type of drugs effect, Pakistan, Europe, rest of world?
75 Stimulant drug attacks on: Heart
76. Normal effect of tranquilizers is? Sleeplessness
77. Synthetic drug Is?
78. Morphine is made from? Opium
79. Insomnia is? Sleepiness
80. Analgesics is: Pain releasing drugs

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