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Islam, A Religion of Peace English Essay for Matric, FA, BA, BSc, CSS Classes

Islam, A Religion of Peace English Essay for Matric, FA, BA, BSc, CSS Classes


  •  All the religions and laws give the message of peace. 
  • People of all the religions have committed terrorism. 
  • Miss-interpretation of Islam. 
  • Like all the other religions of the world, Islam promotes peace, love and harmony. 
  • Islam forbids killing of innocent people.
  • Acts of different terrorist groups do not represent Islam.
  • Conclusion.


All the religions and laws give the message of peace. It is man who distorts their true sense. This does not make these religions and laws evil.
People of different religions have committed terrorism. History shows that Christians and Jews had committed it in past and are still committing it. Islam is basically miss-interpreted by those who do not comprehend it or distort it for their own interests. Actually, it is conspiracy which is hatched by Western media.

Like all other religions Islam promotes peace, love and harmony among people. Actually the word Islam is derived from the Arabic word „Slam‟ which means peace. The Muslims greet each other by saying „Slam‟ (peace be upon you). Islam advocates peace and rejects aggression. The relation of Muslims depends on peace, mutual respect and trust. The theme of Quran is peace.

Islam forbids killing of innocent people. Islam condemns killing of people merely because they belong to different religion. The Quran gives absolute freedom of religion in a society. It does not allow Muslims to fight except for self defense or to enforce peace.

Regrettably, many terrorist groups are using the name of Islam for their own benefits. This gives non-Muslims a chance to declare Islam and Muslims terrorists. On the other hand, other Christians and Jewish terrorists are deliberately ignored. Attacks on the civilians are condemned by all the religions, including Islam. Some of the terrorist groups which kill innocent people consider themselves martyrs. But they should think twice. Their acts are strongly condemned by God in the verses of Quran. The Quran is very clear that the believers must defend themselves but never to aggress.

To conclude, it can be said that our creator is one and same. The God of Muslims is the same as that of Jews and Christians. God does not permit one group to kill innocent people of other group. Islam should not be confused with what these so called Muslims have done. They actually, by the definition of Quran are not Muslims. In short, Islam is a religion of peace and condemns terrorism in form and manifestation.

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