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Sentence Completion MCQs with Answers - NAT Preparation online

Sentence Completion MCQs with Answers - NAT Preparation online

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal means ‘pertaining to words’ and ability means ‘power of mind to do things’, so in verbal test questions are stated in the form of words (language). The candidates are supplied with a question paper which contains variegated exercises designed to test their knowledge and intelligence. The purpose of the ‘Verbal Test’ is to evaluate and analyze candidate’s English comprehension and
understanding towards the language. These tests can be of various kinds but the questions about sentence completion and analogy testing will be asked randomly. There will be also a question about critical reading (comprehension) that will be asked separately. The brief explanation about these questions will be given on the next pages. This section is consisted of following types of questions:

1. Sentence Completion 2. Analogy Test 3. Critical Reading

Sentence Completion

In such type of questions, one or two blanks are given ¡n a sentence, each blank indicates that
something has been omitted. Four or five lettered words or sets of words are given below the sentence. The candidate is asked to choose the word or set of words, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. Various choices i.e., (A) (B) (C) (D) are provided in these kinds of questions. The candidate is asked to complete the sentence by filling in the blanks with the most suitable choice. These questions are designed to determine the candidate’s ability to recognize the following areas:

  • Correct Sentence Structure
  • Correct Choice of Vocabulary
  •  Applied Grammar (Rules)

The questions about sentence completion can be related to any of the other areas of study i.e.,
science, geography, general knowledge, history, literature etc., but the subject matter would not hinder the candidate's language ability. The knowledge of correct grammar and vocabulary is required to complete the sentence.

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