Sunday 4 February 2024

1st Year Psychology Guess Paper 2024 - 11th class

1st Year Psychology Guess Paper 2021 - 11th class
Looking for the guess paper of Psychology 11th class? Here we have published the 1st Year Psychology Guess Paper 2024 - 11th class.
1) branches of Psychology.note two branches.
2)periphaeral nerous system.
3.Note on Motives?classfication of Motivation.
4.ankh ki sakht aur wazaif pr note
5.causes of forgetfulness pr note.
6 Guilfords Model of intelligence pr note.
7.observation pr note likhain.
8.stanford binet intelligence scales pr
9.survey pa Method likha. & depth perception note.
11.behaviourism?psychology as science behaviour.
12.industrial organizational psychology.
13.sense of hearing note.

prcatical part
1.effect of suggestion on perception report.
2.tarek e maqam ky nataij shakal bna kr zahir kry

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