Thursday, 26 April 2018

ETEA Admission Entry Test Pattern and Syllabus 2018

If you are looking for the ETEA entry test pattern and composition of question paper then here we have published the ETEA Admission Entry Test Pattern and Syllabus 2018.

Composition of the question paper for the Entrance Test is as follows:

ETEA Admission Entry Test Pattern and Syllabus 2018

1. The questions, contained in the question paper, are not arranged subject-wise, The MCQs are scrambled Into four versions A, B. C and D.
Version of the paper given to a candidate Is called TEST FORM and needs to be filled on the answer sheet correctly,
2. Maximum time allowed to attempt the paper is 3 hours,
3, AIl 200 questions are compulsory and carry equal marks. Marks ore
awarded for the attempted questions only.
4. Each correct answer carnes ‘4 marks’ and each wrong answer
‘-1 mark’.
5. Double or multiple marked answers are considered as wrong answers.

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