Friday 20 April 2018

BA Political Science Optional Past Paper 2018

Here below is the BA Political Science Optional Past Paper 2018.
Part 1
Q. Define Political Science and also describe the utility of Political science (20)
Q:Define sovereignty. What are the different attributes of Sovereignty?
Q: What is meant by responsibilities? Describe the relationship between rights and responsibilities.
Q.Define liberty. Describe the different kinds of liberty. (20)
Q.Define dictatorship. What are the advantages of dictatorship?
Part 2
Q. No.7 Describe the powers of Prime Minister of Pakistan according to 1973 (20)
Q. No.8 Describe the law making process in the Provincial Assembly. (20)
Q. No.9 Write of President of Pakistan under 1973 (20)
Q. No. 10 Describe the Judicial System of Pakistan under 1973 constitution (20)

BA Political Science Optional Past Paper 2018

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