Monday 4 January 2021

9th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021

9th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021
If you are in search of the guess paper of chemistry class 9 then you are on the right page because here we have published the 9th class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021.

  • Branches of chem
  •  valency
  •  how to write the chemical formula
  •  significance of chem formula
  •  molecular ion
  •  free radical,
  • Avogadro's no,
  • mole,
  • properties of cathode & anode rays
  • Bohr's atomic model
  • isotopes of C, Cl
  •  hydrogen, & uses
  •  periodic table
  •  electronegativity
  •  shielding effect
  •  covalent bond & types,
  •  properties & nature of the chemical bond
  •  hydrogen bonding
  •  laws of gases
  •  evaporation
  • types of solid,
  • allotropy
  •  types of solution
  •  molarity
  •  effects on solubility
  •  principle of solubility
  • redox reaction
  •  Danial cell
  •  diff b/w electrolytic & galvanic cell
  •  Down cell
  •  rusting of iron
  •  electroplating of chromium
  •  chem properties of alkali & alkaline earth metal
  •  noble metal
  •  significance of non-metal
  •  physical & chemical properties of metal & non-metal
  •  the reaction of halogen with NaOH.

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