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English Grammar Preposition Notes for BA, MA,CSS English

English Grammar Preposition Notes for BA, MA,CSS English
Here we have provided detailed notes pdf download or read online of English Grammar Preposition Notes for BA, MA, CSS English Grammar preparation.

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  2. Janice Navarro5 May 2022 at 19:42

    a preposition is not a preposition unless it goes with a related noun or a pronoun that is the object of the preposition. A preposition is always with an object – without an object, it is an adverb that never has an object. As the name says ‘Pre-Position’ – it comes before something. Generally, but not always, a preposition goes before a noun or a pronoun. Understand with examples –

    I put the things in the box. (‘in’ is placed before the noun ‘’box’)
    You do not end a sentence with a preposition is one of the undying myths of English Grammar because even when a preposition is not placed before its object, it is closely related to its object.

    Janice @ custom writing services

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