Monday 4 January 2021

2nd year Physics Important Long Questions 2021 - 12th class

2nd year Physics Important Long Questions 2020 - 12th class

Important Long Questions:

Gauss’s law and Electric Intensity due to an infinite sheet of charge
Charge On an electron by Millikan’s Method
Resistivity and its dependence on temperature
Kirchoff’s Rules(first and second)
Wheatstone bridge
The rheostat as a potential divider
Ampere’s Law
Field due to current carrying solenoid
Force on a Moving Charge in the magnetic field
e/m of an electron
Motional Emf
Faraday’s law and induced emf
Mutual induction
Energy stored in an inductor
Dc motor
Ac through Resistor
AC through capacitor
Ac through inductor
R-C and R-L series circuit
R-L-C circuit
L-C parallel circuit
Elastic limit and Yield point
Strain energy
Energy band theory
Hysteresis loop
Transistor as an amplifier
Transistor as switch
OP-amplifier as an inverting and non-inverting amplifier
OP-Amplifier as comparator and comparator as night switch
Photoelectric effect
Compton’s effect
Gravisson and Germer experiment
Production of X-rays
Population inversion and laser action
Laser and its uses
Mass spectrograph
Mass defect and binding energy
Geiger Muller counter
Nuclear fission and chain fission reaction

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