Monday 20 November 2017

ICS Part 1 Computer Science Notes pdf All Chapters

ICS Part 1 Computer Science Notes pdf All Chapters
If you are looking for the notes of Computer science ics part 1/ 1st year then you are at right page because here we have published the ICS Part 1 Computer Science Notes pdf download or read online All Chapters. The following notes includes the multiple choice questions, short questions and answers and long questions and answers of all the chapters of computer science 11th class.
ICS Part 1 Computer Science Notes pdf Notes of All chapters including solved MCQs, Short questions and Long Questions
Chapter no. Chapter name Download link
1 Basics of Information Technology Download
2 Information Network Download
3 Data Communications Download
4 Applications and Uses of Computer Download
5 Computer Architecture Download
6 Security, Copyright and LAW Download
7 Windows Operating System Download
8 Word Processing Download
9 Spreadsheet Software Download
10 Fundamentals of Internet Download

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